A Call Makes a Big Difference - Mike Blankenship

| Alumni

A few weeks ago I answered the phone at my office, and when the caller said hello and began to introduce himself, I immediately recognized the voice of a former Trevecca classmate. A smile crossed my face as I remembered our college days and the memories we shared.

We caught up on each other’s lives and families, and we recalled memories of our Trevecca days. As we wrapped up the call, we made plans to re-connect during the upcoming Nazarene General Assembly.

After the call I reflected about how blessed I am to be part of the Trevecca family. Trevecca was an excellent place to get an education, and it was a wonderful place to make lifelong friends. Reconnecting with a college classmate, even for a few minutes, really brightens my day.

I then thanked God for all he has done for me. I thanked him for his blessings in my life—leading me to a place like Trevecca, where I received a strong education, made lifelong friends, and was part of something much bigger than I could have imagined.

The Trevecca Alumni Association is a wonderful family. Its members will gather soon and reconnect at the General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene. More Trevecca alumni gatherings are planned—the 2013 Trevecca Homecoming, the Trevecca Alumni & Friends Cruise, and area alumni gatherings.

I encourage you to take advantage of any of these alumni gatherings. I hope that you will you join me in prayer for Trevecca, encourage young people to enroll at Trevecca, and consider making a financial contribution to Trevecca.

I also encourage you to call or send an email to a Trevecca classmate of yours. Reconnect with him or her. Your call just might make the difference in that friend’s day—and yours!


God bless you and thanks for all you do for Trevecca.


In Christ’s Service,

Rev. Michael B. Blankenship, President

Trevecca Alumni Association