5 reasons we love our students



On this day set aside to celebrate love, we couldn’t think of anyone we love more than our students and alumni! So to mark Valentine’s Day 2018, we want to celebrate all the things that make you special.

1. You care about others.

Some of you spent your fall break serving in hurricane-ravaged areas of Texas and Florida. Many of you are headed back to help over spring break. Last fall, more than 400 first-year, transfer students and mentors participated in CityLINK Service Day, serving at various locations throughout the city. With PA students headed back to Haiti soon and our Ph.D. counseling students working to help veterans, we couldn’t be prouder! Serving others is a way of life for you.

2. You love well.

The Trevecca community often becomes more like family. From our students in the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies who bring potlucks for their one-night-a-week classes to our traditional undergrads who walk through life’s highs and lows together, we love the way you take care of each other.

3. You do amazing things.

Trevecca students and alumni never cease to amaze us. From academic achievements and fellowships to songwriting, service opportunities and research, you strive to make the world a better place. We’re thankful we get to play a small part.

4. You make us laugh.

Have you read your social media posts? We have! And we think you’re hilarious. Thanks for sharing your witty comebacks and funny puns with us over this school year. And just an FYI: we believe the old adage that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We’re looking at you, Trevecca parody accounts.

5. You inspire us.

During this school year, we’ve gotten to hear and tell so many of your stories, and you—our students and alumni—never cease to inspire us. We’re in awe of Lisa Frierson’s determination to complete her degree and encouraged by Todd Welch’s story of surviving cancer, not once but twice! Alumnus Jonathan Trees’ story of donating a kidney to a member of his church truly warmed our hearts. You truly embody our University’s mission to be servant leaders.

Thanks for being uniquely you, Trevecca students! Happy Valentine’s Day!