Five reasons to complete your degree



It’s hard to think about going back to school when you’re juggling work, family, friends and all the other responsibilities in your life. Simply getting your kids to school or practice on time seems daunting enough. But earning or finishing your degree really can help you have a better future. Here’s how.

1. You actually do earn more.

Just last week, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released second quarter median earnings for 2018. The findings? People with a bachelor’s degree or higher earn about $584 more each week than those who only have a high school diploma. The gap is smaller for those who have at least some college experience or an associate degree—$485—but still significant. A degree really does make a difference.

2. You can set an example.

On graduation day, so many of our continuing studies and graduate students tell us that they finished their degrees to set an example for their children, nieces, nephews or other family members. Your perseverance will teach those around you the importance of education, hard work, problem-solving and striving to achieve your goals.

3. You can make a career change.

So maybe you’re stuck in a career field that doesn’t excite or challenge you. Maybe you’ve wondered for a long time about changing careers or finally doing that thing you feel called to do. Making a change can seem next to impossible but earning a degree that will help you shift career paths makes the process a little smoother. You’ll get the knowledge you need to start your new career and the degree will help you get interviews and attention in a field where you may not have a ton of contacts.

4. You’re more likely to be employed and stay that way.

When the most recent unemployment report came out in June, the United States’ unemployment rate had risen to 4 percent. But for those who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, the rate was 2.3 percent. Compare that to 4.2 percent, which is the rate for those who’ve only earned a high school diploma. A lot of factors could play into those findings, but it’s clear that the higher degree, the lower the unemployment rate.

5. You can advance in your career.

Maybe you have years of experience in your field and are ready to move to the next level. The only thing stopping you? You don’t have a degree. Often, to even be considered for management or leadership positions, you need a bachelor’s or master’s degree to even be considered for the opening. Whatever your next step, earning that degree can help you take it.

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