As America heads back to school this year—whatever your district’s policy and guidelines now dictate because of the spread of COVID-19—we can’t help but mourn the loss of a typical school-year launch. 

Yet even as you grieve the absence of “normalcy” at school, don’t miss the fact that there’s a golden opportunity waiting for you. Take advantage of this time to invest in your own professional development and become the accomplished leader your district, school, students and parents so desperately need right now.

Getting an advanced degree will help you be ready for the future—whatever it may look like. 

Get More Skills and a Pay Raise

Teachers with master’s degrees may choose to stay in their K-12 classroom positions, but because of holding an advanced degree, they will likely qualify for a pay raise. 

“On average, a master's degree earns teachers an additional $2,760 in their first year of teaching compared to a bachelor's degree. This salary advantage expands to an average of $7,358 per year by the time a teacher reaches the maximum point of the pay scale,” according to the National Council on Teacher Quality.1

You may also choose to expand your expertise by pursuing a specific certification or license so that you’d be able to work in a particular role within your school or district. The more skills you possess, the more marketable you become.

Trevecca offers several master’s degrees that also provide the opportunity for adding licensure: 

The Master of Arts in teaching (M.A.T.) is a licensure-seeking program in either elementary education (K-5) or secondary education (6-12).

The Master of Education in curriculum and online teaching is a groundbreaking advanced degree that equips educators with the tools needed to bring comprehensive instruction online for preschool through twelfth-grade students.

The Master of Education in educational leadership (M.Ed.) is a fully online licensure-seeking program that prepares educators to design effective curriculum and utilize data to improve student learning.

The Master of Education in English as a second language (ESL) (M.Ed.) provides the requirements needed to currently licensed teachers who desire to teach ESL. Develop expertise in language acquisition, appropriate instruction models, curriculum design, culture, assessment, technology and linguistics.

The Master of Education in special education: visual impairments is a fully online program that offers the opportunity to add a Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) endorsement to a current teaching certificate. Candidates who complete the rigorous 13-month program are equipped to work with special needs children with all disabilities.

Become an asset in your school and district with a Master of Science in instructional design and technology. From building educational courses to training seminars for the workplace, this fully online degree applies across any industry. Learn skills such as programming, animation/simulation, methods of training and course delivery and designing effective instruction.

The Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) offers the credentials needed to work as a librarian servicing children and young adults. You’ll integrate technology into teaching while creating engaging student interactions. Gain necessary training to work with students from pre-K through 12th grade. Our degree is nationally recognized by the American Association of School Librarians and the Council for Accreditation of Education Preparation.


Begin the Path to a Higher Salary as a School Administrator

Trevecca’s Ed.S. program is especially designed for individuals, instructional facilitators and teachers who desire to improve school and student performance and seek administrative licensure. With an Ed.S. and an administrative license, you’d be qualified to work as a school principal, potentially increasing your salary by approximately 60 percent from about $60,000 annually to around $96,000.2 

The education specialist in accountability and instructional leadership (Ed.S.) is a fully online specialist degree for those who already hold a master’s degree and would like to gain expertise in research, data and accountability. All program hours are transferable into Trevecca’s Doctor of Leadership and Professional Practice program (Ed.D.), giving students an accelerated opportunity to earn a doctoral degree in this field. 


Earn More and Advance Your Career as an Education Expert

Teachers who hold an Ed.D. are the highest paid employees within the education field. Many choose to work in the schools as principals or supervisors. Some become district-level superintendents or managers or college professors or administrators. Others opt to take their experiences in education and put their Ed.D. to work as a leader in another industry altogether. 

Holding an Ed.D. and the subsequent job titles for which it prepares a student means a higher salary, more career advancement and greater job security. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2019 median pay for kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school teachers averaged $60,247 annually in 2019.3 The annual mean wages for educational administrators are reportedly significantly higher:4 

  • Education Administrators, Kindergarten through Secondary - $100,340
  • Education Administrators, Postsecondary - $112,400
  • Education Administrators, All Other - $92,150

The Doctor of Education in leadership and professional practice (Ed.D.) is geared towards students who wish to assume leadership roles in school districts, post-secondary education, governmental agencies, business, technology, ministry, law enforcement and health care. Offered both online and in-person, this program equips educators who wish to transform their work environment for the good.


Created for busy teachers juggling class, family and a global pandemic

We know that the fall is shaping up to be a stressful time, especially for teachers. Trevecca is eager to come alongside you as you contemplate what’s next for your career. 

Perhaps it’s time to pursue an advanced degree, which offers you a sense of forward motion during a time when it seems like the world is on pause. Getting your master’s, education specialist or doctorate degree is a rewarding experience that’s completely doable, even if you’re working full time while navigating the challenges of family life and teaching during a global pandemic. 


Take the next step

Contact us today to speak with an enrollment counselor. We’re happy to answer all your questions about which advanced degree is right for you. Your future starts now! 

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1 National Council on Teacher Quality, 2,3,4 Bureau of Labor Statistics,