Congratulations! You made it to the end of the first semester of this unconventional school year. Enjoy your much-deserved and well-earned break. 

We encourage you, however, to take advantage of your time off, too, to reflect on your work so far. You’ve likely experienced some great successes in becoming more flexible and creative with your teaching than you ever thought possible. 

But when it comes to developing professionally, sharpening your skills, and perfecting your craft, there’s always room for improvement. 

We know—from our own experiences with teaching remotely—that one of the biggest challenges for teachers is creating online lessons that are engaging and effective. 

Check out these 18 tools that will make online lesson planning a lot easier on you and the learning experience way more meaningful for your students.

  1. PowerPoint with VoiceOver 
  2. Prezi with VoiceOver 
  3. EduPuzzle 
  4. Google Docs 
  5. Video yourself - Use your phone, iPad, or computer.
  6. Thinglink 
  7. Online game - Your choice, but it MUST be conducive to learning and interactive.
  8. Adobe Spark 
  9. Infopic 
  10. Whiteboard presentation
  11. FlipGrid
  12. Insert Learning 
  13. NearPod 
  14. PeerGrade 
  15. Pear Deck
  16. Loom 
  17. Quizlet 
  18. LiveBinders - Can be used for collaborative work. 

If you struggled to make your online lessons come alive this fall or you simply need some new ideas to inject a creative boost into your teaching, give these tools a try. We think they’ll make a difference for you and your students. 

Another way to re-energize your teaching is to invest in yourself and your professional development. 

New graduate programs begin in January 2021; it’s a perfect time to take the next step in your teaching career. Whatever your goals, Trevecca offers multiple degree and licensure options to help you obtain the skills, training and credentials you need to succeed. 

Click the link to be connected with an enrollment counselor who is standing by, ready to help you evaluate all Trevecca offers and pick the path that’s a perfect fit for you. 

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