Graduate profile: Tammy Bryant finds the support to achieve her dream at Trevecca

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Tammy Bryant dreamed of pursuing a doctoral degree, but it did not come about until divine intervention led her to Trevecca.

“A few years ago, two of my colleagues approached me and shared with me their experiences at Trevecca…through some divine intervention perhaps, they encouraged me to look into the program,” said Bryant, who is the director of student affairs programs and assessment at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tenn. “These two colleagues approached me at nearly the same time period though these interactions with them occurred quite separately.”

Even after these conversations, Bryant was unsure if she could complete the program as a working professional, until a difficult circumstance motivated her.

“I was not sure I was even capable of a doctoral program. I allowed that deadline to pass without applying,” said Bryant. “That summer my father passed away, and I realized if I wanted to achieve my dream I should not wait, so I applied.”

In 2013, Bryant began a program to earn her doctoral degree in leadership and professional practice (Ed.D) at Trevecca. Bryant says it’s been a challenging program since the beginning, but it’s also been a process filled with abundant opportunities that Bryant has come to treasure.

“The courses aligned with my professional life, and I found myself immersed in the course content,” said Bryant. “My professors brought real-world experience. They challenged us to think beyond our current situation… understanding [that] future leaders must be able to envision and anticipate how best to serve our organizations and contribute to our communities.”

Even when she was unsure if she could complete the work and finish the program, Bryant found support within a tight-knit community of students and faculty. She recalled one particular instance in which Dr. Melvin Welch, professor emeritus and former dean of Trevecca’s School of Education, distributed Bibles to the students in her program. Each Bible had been personalized with the students’ names, adding to the spiritual support that is integral to all of Trevecca’s programs.

“There were many times I held that Bible and remembered [that] his vision provided the opportunity for us to have the experience at Trevecca, and I would find renewed energy to fight ahead,” said Bryant.   

As she looks forward to graduation in May, she leaves with an appreciation for a program that helped her to fulfill her dreams.

“Trevecca is a place where the pursuit of a degree occurs in a solid, supportive environment,” said Bryant. “Any degree program requires dedication and sacrifice, but the support I received as a student made the difference in completing the degree for me.”

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