Notes from Nursing School: Morgan Mullis

| Student Life

Morgan Mullis poses in front of the Jernigan Student CenterFrom the very first day I stepped into the halls of Trevecca’s nursing school, I knew I was embarking on a journey that would not only challenge me academically but also help me grow as a person. This program is more than a series of courses; it is a transformative experience that shapes my understanding of care, compassion and community.
Nursing school reminds me of the saying: “Nothing worth having comes easy.” The curriculum is rigorous and demanding, no doubt. It can be challenging to juggle lectures, clinical shifts, assignments and my personal life. But at Trevecca I found myself surrounded by educators who offer guidance beyond the call of duty and classmates who became partners in resilience, inspiring cheerleaders and lifelong friends. They remind me that success isn’t just about grades; it’s also about lifting each other up. 

Trevecca’s emphasis on hands-on learning is invaluable. From simulating patient scenarios in the lab to our clinical rotations in hospitals, we are immersed in real-world situations. We witness the strength of patients, the diligence of nurses and the impact of our own interventions. These experiences have not only honed our technical skills but also taught us the art of therapeutic communication, empathy and cultural competence. Every class and clinical rotation brought me closer to understanding the true essence of nursing and making a difference in patients’ lives, even as a student.

From the very beginning, it became evident that this program is more than just a degree—it is a canvas where servitude and purpose converge, shaping hearts as well as clinical skills. As I continue to prepare for my professional journey, I carry with me the lessons I’ve learned within these walls—the love, the compassion and the unwavering belief that nursing is a privilege.

To prospective nursing students, I enthusiastically recommend the Trevecca nursing program. It’s not just an education; it’s an opportunity to make a difference—one patient, one smile, one act of kindness at a time. Embrace the journey, find your tribe and remember that every patient you touch becomes a part of your story.