Notes from Nursing School: Jennifer Leonides

| Student Life

2024-BLOG-HEADSHOT-Nursing-Notes-Jennifer-WEB-v02Nursing school will teach you a lot of things. I have just finished my final exam for this first year of nursing school and it seems like the time flew. It was a busy, day-by-day experience where we kept growing as students and as future nurses.

Nursing is so much more than skills and tests. Although those are greatly important, we were given the opportunity to grow as people and as great leaders. Our professors worked closely with us to pass as much wisdom, knowledge, courage and heart down to us as they could.

I couldn’t imagine our clinical experiences going any better. I have to admit, as many of my classmates can attest, I was very nervous to begin clinicals. But we were met with amazing nurses who were willing to teach and share their experiences. They provided an education that I will never forget. Every test, skill check, laugh or tear was a one-of-a-kind experience.

Looking back at this year, I can say we have all changed, and the change was for the best. We’ve moved toward our goal. We are a step closer to becoming nurses and serving our God in the plan He has for us. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to be at the Trevecca nursing program. I could not imagine being in another place to work toward my bachelor’s in nursing.