Comments from Commencement: New Grads Share Perspectives on Momentous Day

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Amid Trevecca’s 2022 commencement festivities, several new graduates took time to reflect on the significance of the milestone and their experiences at Trevecca. Here’s what they had to say.


“I wanted to get my MBA and​​ Trevecca had the best and most affordable program. One advantage in getting my MBA at Trevecca was the small class sizes. Every professor knew my name and my cohort and I became so close.

“Commencement is so exciting, it represents a lot of hard work and late nights. It’s a celebration of all the work I have done.”

Celia Denney
MBA graduate


202205_MKTG_BLOG_Commencement-Jeff_WEB_v01“I chose Trevecca because I wanted to help others in the mental health field and my therapist, who had attended Trevecca, had nothing but incredible things to say about the program and how it prepared her to become the counselor that she was. I also had a friend who started Trevecca before I did and she said the same thing, that it was incredible. 

“When I began the program, I envisioned commencement and I knew this would be a day to celebrate a long journey of classes. It's also a celebration of a new career change that I really feel called to. I’m thankful for the friends and the faculty as Trevecca who so thoroughly prepared us for the next step.” 

Jeffrey Gregg
Master of Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy graduate 

202205_MKTG_BLOG_Commencement-Megan_WEB_v01“Trevecca is a community where there is accountability. I loved how I was challenged spiritually; we could have difficult conversations and still respect one another. I have learned so much and grown so much. Trevecca cares about more than the success of their students, they care about maturity and growth as well. 

“I will miss the friendly faces and going to class and bonding with my professors. I hope the deep and loving relationships I’ve formed will carry on for years to come.” 

Megan Richardson
Bachelor’s in psychology graduate 

202205_MKTG_BLOG_Commencement-Carolyn_WEB_v01“When it was time for me to apply to college, I knew I wanted to be somewhere Christ-centered and in a place where I could grow. Trevecca has consistently been that for me, and commencement was special because it was the culmination of an amazing four years. I’ve grown a lot. There were times I wasn’t sure if I would graduate but God provided and here I am. It is so sweet to know that I have made it this far. 

“Trevecca is special because of the people; they care about you and choose to invest in you.”

Carolyn Johnson
Bachelor’s in worship arts 

Trevecca conferred more than 1,100 degrees on Saturday, May 7, during two separate commencement ceremonies for undergraduate and graduate candidates.