Giving Day Q&A with Peg Cooning

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In just under two weeks, Trevecca’s first Giving Day will be underway! We can’t wait for the excitement and fun to unfold on March 25. So, what exactly will Giving Day look like? What can alumni and friends of the University expect?  

We recently sat down with Peg Cooning, vice president for external relations, and asked her those questions and more. Here’s what she had to say. 

What is Trevecca Giving Day? 
Trevecca Giving Day is a one-day event that will allow the entire Trevecca family—alumni, students, employees, faculty and friends of the University—to come together and celebrate the community that makes Trevecca special. During the 24-hour giving campaign, which is set for March 25, we’re inviting donors to invest in the life and work of the University.

This is Trevecca’s first Giving Day. Why now? What makes this day different from regular giving?
Since 2015, we have been in a comprehensive campaign, “Making Great Stories Possible.” We have been encouraging our Trevecca community—alumni, employees, churches, and friends—to support the University in the area of their greatest passion. Two-thirds of that $75 million financial goal is to secure estate commitments that are transforming for our future and one-third for projects that are University priorities. We are to wrap up this campaign on Giving Day. It is our opportunity to expand our reach to include even more of the Trevecca community as participants.

The Trevecca community will be able to give toward a variety of specific projects, as well as in general support of the University. What types of projects will be featured during Giving Day? 
Yes, donors may make a gift to whatever area they are passionate about. There are seven specific categories that are being promoted, which include scholarships to help different programs, athletics, health sciences, student research, faculty teaching resources, the student center, and community engagement.

What are some ways people can get involved in Giving Day even before March 25? 
We encourage Trevecca community members to go to the Giving Day page on Trevecca’s website and read about the projects that will be promoted. We would love for each person to sign up as an advocate to share with their network of Trevecca alumni and friends. Become a Giving Day advocate.

The goal is not only about raising funds but also about participation: 500 donors in one day. How do you think this goal celebrates Trevecca’s community?
The goal of this day is about the participation of the whole Trevecca community. Gifts of all sizes are welcomed and encouraged. I believe that focusing on participation demonstrates that when a community comes together, a powerful difference can be made.

How will gifts make a difference? 
An individual donor’s gift, combined with those of hundreds of other Trevecca Giving Day donors, will not only help to make scholarships or projects become realities but also have a direct impact on the lives of current and future students. By joining together with the greater Trevecca family on Giving Day, Trevecca alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends will demonstrate their commitment to the University and the Christian community that sets Trevecca apart. 

What are Giving Day matches and challenges?
Donors are able to offer matches and challenges to other donors to instill fun and a competitive spirit to the day. For example, one donor has offered to give $100 for each Circle K brother who participates with their own gift. Another donor offered to match dollar for dollar each gift made to the special masks for students who are singing.

Why do you think Trevecca Giving Day is an important day in the life of the University?
I have been a part of this Trevecca community for more than 14 years. There have been hundreds of ways I have seen how the members of this community demonstrate Trevecca’s motto, “Esse quam videri—To be rather than to seem.” Trevecca Giving Day is our community’s chance to echo “esse quam videri” together on behalf of our students.

What will happen on March 25? Will there be any on-campus events or celebrations?
Because we still are under pandemic restriction for protecting students, campus activities will be limited to our residential students. However, we will have a significant online presence throughout the day, including some telethon-like moments