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Posted by Logan Newkirk, Assistant Resident Director on Aug 2, 2017 11:54:00 AM


One of the biggest mistakes a Trevecca student could make is fail to take advantage of the activities, events and time spent with fellow students. Whether you’re an incoming freshman, a transfer or just looking for this year to be different, the best thing you can do is try things out and find ways to participate where your interests lie. 

Trevecca has a lot to offer students, and it’s within your best interest to utilize the resources and opportunities the University provides. Here is a shortlist of do’s and don’ts to help navigate finding your place as a student.

DO: Have some fun.

Go to events, get involved in on-campus groups, experience Nashville and make sure that you’re doing things that you enjoy. For some students, that may look like going to each of the biggest and most attended events on campus for a lot of face time with a bunch of friends. For other students, fun looks like taking a couple hours out of the day to relax in a quiet spot getting lost in a book. Whatever fun looks like for you, make sure to make time for it.

DON’T: Forget your responsibilities.

Whether you choose to live at home and commute to campus for class or you have decided to live on campus, do not forget that you are here to achieve a degree. Outside of your classes make sure that you leave the time you need to succeed in your area of study.

DO: Try things.

Get involved and try things out. This may look like trial and error for a while. However, as you learn things that aren’t a good fit for you (or possibly the other way around) you’ll gain a better grasp for your strengths, interests and what you have to offer.

DON’T: Overcommit yourself.

Even the most extreme people-person needs to set boundaries. Between going to classes, studying, attending events, hanging out with friends, catching up on the latest Netflix series, getting involved as a student leader and working a part-time job, things can start to pile up quickly in college. Be aware of where you’re spending your time and where you need to be spending time.

DO: Be yourself.

As cliché as it sounds, this will serve you better than you know. Your uniqueness will not only serve yourself well as you participate in things that you actually enjoy, but it will also serve your campus well. We rely on the feedback and creativity of students to provide a diverse, impactful and enjoyable college experience for all that attend. You’ll get the most out of your experience if you invest your time into a mixture of new things as well as things that are new.

DON’T: Force yourself to be something you aren’t.

If going to an event where a mob of students are throwing paint at one another sounds like a stressful evening and no fun at all, don’t go to our Paintapalooza event. Not every student loves all the same things, and because of that we try to offer a variety of events and things to be involved in and with.

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