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Posted by Trevecca Nazarene University on Apr 29, 2021 11:25:00 AM

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If you want to make a difference and strive for the common good, the world needs people like you in the public sector. With a Master of Public Administration (MPA), you can position yourself to make that impact and take your career to the next level.

At Trevecca, our goal is to equip students to become servant leaders while affecting change and glorifying God in the public sphere. Leading public institutions in an effective and ethical way requires a blend of sharp management strategies and a biblical lens. This is a delicate balance, one that requires skills and practice to achieve.

An MPA can launch you on a journey of mastering servant leadership. If changing the world around you for the better sounds compelling, here are a few reasons why you should choose Trevecca:

  1. You can focus on a specialization.

    The workforce is becoming increasingly specialized, but having versatile skills is also very important. Why not choose the best of both worlds? In your core courses, you will learn versatile management and leadership tools, as well as the ins and outs of public policy. Then you’ll select a track that can take you to the next level in a specific area. We offer a variety of MPA tracks, including:

    Crisis and Emergency Management
    Data Analytics
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Health Care
    Human Resources
    Management and Leadership
    Nonprofit Leadership and Management
    Project Management

    The important thing is that your degree can be tailored toward your interests even while you learn the broader skills necessary for a career in the public sector.

  2. You will learn from the best.
    Our faculty share the same passion as you for servant leadership, and they’ve “been there and done that,” you might say.

    They have experience in public administration, political science, law, finance, data analytics, organizational behavior, leadership, project management, health care and strategy. Each of them has real-world experience to back up the plethora of knowledge they provide.

    Additionally, our adjunct faculty and course design personnel include the current secretary of state for Tennessee as well as a legislative liaison, a public sector consultant, a former county administrator, former judge and former mayor.

    If you want to discover how to be a servant leader, learning from experienced leaders is the best way to go.
  1. You will be prepared.
    Our primary goal is to prepare our graduates for the world in front of them. This 18-month program is packed full of wisdom from seasoned servant leaders who want to see you succeed.

    You can’t learn everything there is to know about leadership in a year and a half—we know that. However, you can lay a foundation for your future career. The leadership principles and strategies taught in this program will stick with you throughout your life, and the connections you make through the course’s cohort model will provide a solid network from which you can build.

We want to see you make a significant impact as you strive to make a difference. If you decide to earn your MPA with us, you’ll be positioned to shine as a light in the greater Nashville community and the world beyond.


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