Feeling Left Out of the Back-to-School Frenzy? How to Make Going Back to Online Classes Special



You’ve seen everybody’s back-to-school pictures, and maybe you’re feeling a little left out. You’re going back to school, but as an online student, the only place you’re going is the kitchen table.

So maybe going back to school online feels a little different than all those first-day-of-class photos, but it’s still a milestone you should celebrate. We’ve got a few tips to help you make the start of your online program feel even more special.

Make the Most of the Online Community

Just as social media helps you feel connected to people virtually, engaging with your fellow students and your professors will make your experience come to life in a whole new way.

Take advantage of the opportunities to engage with your classmates and faculty in real time via Blackboard Collaborate. Of course, you can watch the recorded version at a later time if it’s more convenient, but engaging in real time will give you a different depth of experience.

Engage in lively online discussions, reach out to the online chaplain, and take advantage of the weekly devotionals to make your cohort feel like a bigger part of your life. And don’t be afraid to  reach out to your professors via email and by phone; you’ll be encouraged by how much they care for you as a person and as a student.

Remember You’re Getting a Quality Education Around Your Schedule

An online education is different than an on-campus experience, but it’s not a lesser education experience.

You’re studying the same curriculum as your on-campus counterparts with access to the same high-quality professors. And you’re doing it in the way that fits your life, and that’s exactly what makes it the best education experience for you.

Instead of giving up one night a week to be on campus, you can do your coursework at your lunch break, while the kids do their homework, or after they go to bed. You get to do what works best for you and for your family.

And at the end of the program, you’ll have a degree you’ve dreamed of, a degree that opens doors, a degree that inspires your kids to follow their dreams, the degree you’ve always felt you needed. Whatever your reason, it’s your reason, and it’s your dream fulfilled.

Positives to Remember

  • You get to go to school in your pajamas.
  • You don’t have to fight traffic driving to and from campus every week.
  • You don’t have to fight the crowds at the campus bookstore because your books and materials are delivered right to you.
  • You won’t have a panic-stricken search for a parking spot on campus with class starting in two minutes.

Back-to-School Shopping

Sometimes there's nothing like some good ol’ retail therapy to get you back in the swing of things. So don’t forget to be prepared for the start of classes. Get your pens, paper, highlighters; find a planner (paper or electronic) to keep track of due dates; and make sure you have reliable, comfortable technology (computer, internet, webcam, headset, file storage, software, etc.). With Trevecca, you don’t have to shop for your textbooks, because they’ll be delivered to your door.

But maybe you should get some new pajamas …


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