Commencement Commemorated: Graduate Students Share About the Trevecca Experience

| Alumni


During commencement, several graduate students shared about their time at Trevecca, excitement about graduation and hopes for the future. They were unanimous in their appreciation for  the value of their individual programs, preparing them to further their careers and pursue their callings. Here is a glimpse into the experiences of the class of 2024.

“This program really opened up my perspective to see the world more truly through the lens of the Kingdom of God and how to be intentional and do ministry in a compassionate way.” 
- Nicole Young, master’s in theology and biblical studies 

“I would tell anybody who's thinking about pursuing graduate education to think about Trevecca as an option because of how strong the programs are. They really design their programs for people who are working full-time. They provide flexibility throughout the classes, and that's been great for someone like me who's worked full time throughout the whole program. I am grateful.” 
- Cesar Marini, MBA 

“My doctorate will allow me to help school districts work toward upward mobility with mental health, restorative practices and addressing trauma. I’ve learned to be confident in the data and information I have, and sharing that expertise can help move the needle in a professional way.” 
- Kevin Dwayne McKenzie Sr., Doctor of Education in leadership (Ed.D.) 

“I enjoyed my time in the program a lot. It was flexible while I navigated my busy life, with two kids in college and some health issues. I had lost my husband in the military and the professors were so accommodating. They were willing to work with me but also pushed me because I was going to give up. They prayed with me and ensured that I finished my program. I am thankful to a multitude of professors.” 
- Taimeka Berry, education specialist degree in accountability and instructional leadership (Ed.S.) 

“The professors were very hands-on and I loved getting to be here on campus for it. It was incredible. I feel like it far exceeded my expectations.” 
- Morgan Johnson, Master of Marriage and Family Counseling