Campus Perspectives: Black History Month

| History


During Black History Month, Trevecca has celebrated the members of our increasingly diverse community in a special way. We’re pleased to share the following perspectives that represent a range of viewpoints shaped by culture, history and aspirations.

202202_MKTG_BLOG_Kachi_WEB_v01“Black History Month goes far beyond exposing us to the history of the Black community. It reveals that hope cannot be extinguished. It reveals that oppression and tragedy do not have the final word in our story. For me, I am encouraged, no matter what I face, to never give up. Trevecca exemplifies this in their pursuit to help students grow and find the strength to overcome obstacles. Regardless of racial or cultural background, no one is left behind. My Trevecca experience has been amazing. I feel like I am in an inclusive environment where everyone can feel at home.”

- Onyedikachi Dimobi, Freshman 

202202_MKTG_BLOG_Carloyn_WEB_v02"Black History Month is a time to honor and celebrate the legacy & future of Black excellence. It makes me thankful that, by God’s grace, I am who I am and where I am. Black History Month is also a time of lament. This year, I have lamented more than I have celebrated. Today, however, I rejoice over the many breakthroughs- big and small, that have come, and those that have yet to come. 

My hope for Trevecca’s community is that we continue to learn from those whose voices and experiences differ from the majority. My desire is that we continue to work diligently for faithful representation of all underrepresented groups on campus, so that we may grow together in love. By honoring, listening to and celebrating others, we bring glory to God and respect to our neighbor. 

Our community is strengthened by these efforts and makes stories like mine possible! Thank you for celebrating and lamenting alongside our community."

- Carolyn Johnson, Senior 

202202_MKTG_BLOG_Dr-T_WEB_v01“Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of the Black community set in motion by the African Diaspora, the dispersion of people from Africa during the transatlantic slave trade. It is an opportunity to understand and honor the struggles Black people have endured and our ancestral roots and resiliency. Black History month is a reminder of the legacy of faith that has allowed us to survive the insurmountable. Most importantly, this month reminds me of the beauty of being Black and gives me a greater appreciation of cultures different than my own. Black History Month is a time to celebrate our history and the great contributions of both our celebrated and unsung historical leaders. Lastly, this month serves as a stark reminder of the tremendous work we have left to do to ensure all have the opportunity to experience equality and love.” 

- Dr. Terrence Schofield, Associate Provost, Mission Excellence And Reconciliation

202202_MKTG_BLOG_Jonathan_WEB_v01“Black History Month celebrates new beginnings. Our history has not always been easy, there have been so many difficulties to overcome. But every February we remember that there is hope; we will not continue to be weighed down by the pain of the past.  We are leaving behind a legacy of innovation and victory over oppression and racism. People like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, along with many other Black role models, have paved the way for people who look like me to do things our ancestors could only dream of. I am forever grateful for their ambition and sacrifice. It is a torch I will carry with me for the rest of my life.” 

- Jonathan Obi, Junior