Commencement Commemorated: New Grads Share Perspectives on Landmark Day

| Alumni

2024 Commencement-1Prior to Trevecca’s 2024 undergraduate commencement ceremonies, several new graduates took time to reflect on the significance of the milestone and their experiences at Trevecca. These are some of the comments shared by members of the class of 2024.

“I think my favorite part of my Trevecca experience was that it is a smaller community and all the professors really care about you and want to be a part of your journey. They care about your success, not only in school but in every area.”
- Marisa Hamilton, psychology 

“As a soccer player, I feel like all of our coaches really poured into us. The professors care whether we succeed on and off the field, but they also care about our spiritual growth and mental health. I just feel like we were really taken care of.” 
- Allie Torbett, early childhood education 

“The most important thing I learned at Trevecca is how to make connections. I've learned a lot of names and I've met a lot of professionals in my field through connections with students and professors, and it's really helped me progress in my career.”
-Carter Adams, film and television  

“At Trevecca, I learned about not giving up. I learned the discipline and consistency to accomplish whatever task was in front of me.”
- Santiago Barrios, organizational communication 

“I think the biggest thing I will take away from Trevecca is leadership. I've held a few leadership roles and they really empowered me to step into new positions and gain valuable experience.”
- Celeste Cabello, business marketing

“Trevecca has taught me how to fit into a very diverse environment and make friends with a variety of people. It has given me opportunities to see God in different ways and to see the way that God is already moving. It's given me an eye to see just how beautiful the world can be and all the different possibilities of what I can do and what is out there for me.”
- Curtis MacDonald, religion