Appreciation for the Reed Memorial Tower

Posted by Trevecca News on Nov 7, 2014 3:08:38 PM

Today marks a special day as we dedicate this bell tower and remember Dr. Millard Reed. We, the student body of Trevecca, are grateful for this beautiful addition to our campus. While I never had the privilege to meet Dr. Reed, my father recalls his deep faith in God, his sensitive heart to the needs of those around him, and the ability to sing joyfully even as the years progressed. Song was such an important part of Dr. Reed's life. Music would bring him to tears and to a worshipful laughter as he recalled how great God's love was for this world. Many of you to this day can still hear him sing the hymn, Love Of God. So in the same spirit, this tower sings. It offers with each chime a reminder that life is precious and that each moment should be lived for the glory of God.

This tower is placed in the center of campus. All must pass by it on their way to and from their classes or duties here at Trevecca. It's as though Dr. Reed still looks over this campus as a pastor would look after his Church. His caring concern was deep and far reaching. He had a true pastor's heart. The tower stands upright to symbolize Dr. Reed's far reaching vision.

The tower points to the heavens. It directs our eyes to something larger that we are. We are God's creation accomplishing His deeds on the earth. Dr. Reed would not hesitate to give ALL credit for any good that was accomplished in his administration to the power of God. He would say to us today, "Isn't it great that God wants to accomplish his work for humankind through humankind?" Truthfully, as honored as Dr. Reed would be if he were here today, he would be humbled. He would give glory to His Creator and his Savior, Jesus Christ. Praise to God would always be on his lips.

We are grateful for Dr. Reed's life and contribution to Trevecca and godly witness to the Nashville Community and abroad. The students and SGA are again thankful for this Tower and the way that it will inspire us to serve Christ with the same passion that Dr. Reed served Him. He has touched generations, and this tower is a tribute to a great man of God. "To those who through the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ has received a faith as precious as (His), grace and peace be yours in abundance..." 2 Peter 1:1-2

Megan Trees
2014-2015 Trevecca Student Body President
Originally presented at the Reed Memorial Tower Dedication on Nov. 7, 2014

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