Twice a Treveccan: Hitchcock Returns to the Hill to Pursue Teaching Career

| Alumni

Christina Hitchcock headshotMy journey at Trevecca began in the fall of 2004. I was a mass communication major with a minor in communication studies. My undergraduate years at TNU were some of the best of my life! I met some of my lifelong best friends, deepened my walk with Christ, cheered on the Trojans as captain of the cheerleading team and fell in love and married my best friend, now my husband of 15 years. My professors at Trevecca helped form me into the woman I am today. Dr. Doug Lepter and Dr. Michael Karounos inspired me to become a teacher, and shortly after I graduated with my bachelor's I knew I wanted to pursue my master’s in education. My husband attended Trevecca's physician assistant program after we were married. Once he graduated and became a PA, we started a family, and I was a full-time homemaker for several years.

I began teaching English virtually part-time to ESL students in 2018 and absolutely fell in love with being an educator. When our youngest turned three, I knew I was ready to go back and fulfill my dream of becoming a classroom teacher. Around the same time, I felt a deep call from the Holy Spirit to serve the kids of our community in Wilson County. I began the process of looking for a master's program in education. I looked at several online Master of Education programs as well as local universities that offered MAT programs. I learn best in person and knew I would need the support of professors who I could actually sit across a table from. Knowing this, I started the application process to the MAT program, which several of my friends had been through. Trevecca has always had a rockstar education program and I knew I would be well-prepared for my field. I was accepted in the spring and started class that summer. Going back to school as an adult can be intimidating, but it's also incredibly rewarding because you know what your end goal is. 

My time in the MAT program has been wonderful! I absolutely love my professors, and my cohort has become my second family. We are all entering teaching at a very unique time, so we share a deep camaraderie. We have been each other's cheerleaders from the start. Because of the national teacher shortage, everyone in my cohort has a teaching job. We are all job-embedded candidates, so we're receiving valuable on-the-job mentoring, training and instruction that has been invaluable for our first year in the classroom. I feel prepared and confident in my career because of Trevecca. I would recommend this program to anyone who has the desire to serve and shape the minds of tomorrow's leaders. This work matters because our children are our inheritance.  

I'm proud to be gaining my second degree from Trevecca. I owe a lot to dear ole TNU. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have my greatest treasures on this side of heaven. I will finish my coursework in the program in August and graduate with my master's in elementary education in December.