Trevecca Degree Still Aiding Carroll in Second Career as Shelbyville Mayor

| Alumni

2023-BLOG-IMAGE-mayor-carroll-v01Randy Carroll served in the military right out of high school but always wanted a college degree. After leaving the Navy and working for many years at Duck River Electric, he decided the time had come and began taking classes at Motlow State Community College. There he discovered Trevecca and enrolled in the bachelor’s of management and human relations (now called the bachelor’s of management and leadership).

The experience was a positive one for Carroll, with a supportive environment that allowed him to live up to his potential. 

“The instructors were Christ-oriented and kind,” Carroll recalled. “I studied hard, learned a lot and graduated summa cum laude in 2007.” 

Completing his degree helped him better navigate challenging aspects of business such as insurance and benefits, helping Duck River thrive until the time for his retirement came. But his Trevecca experience would prove valuable beyond his time in leadership at the company. 

Throughout his life and career, Caroll has always had a desire to serve others. After retiring, he became active in his church and community. An unexpected opportunity to serve arose when he had the chance to run for county mayor. Although he did not win, he began to ponder a future in local government.

After moving to Shelbyville in 2022, the door opened for him to try again. 

“A councilman approached me and said, “We need you to run for mayor,” Carroll said. “I started doing research and praying about it and I decided to put my name in the hat. I worked 12-14 hour days putting up signs, going to meetings and making connections.” 

When election day arrived last November, Carroll continued working hard, staying at the polls all day and hoping for the best. 

“When it came time to tally the vote, I was tired but I had peace,” Carroll said. “When they finally made the call and I found out I had won, I knew it was what God wanted. Over the next few days, excitement set in. It was humbling.” 

Since being elected mayor, Carroll has worked to represent the people of Shelbyville well, overseeing meetings and financial reports, getting grants, and planning the next steps for Shelbyville’s infrastructure.

“The future for Shelbyville is planned growth. We are growing at four percent a year so we need housing and schools,” Carroll said. “There are new industries that are moving into Shelbyville as well. And in addition to growth, we want to beautify the city.” 

As Carroll reflects on his time in leadership and the impact of his degree, he believes he can summarize his learning simply.

“My Trevecca degree taught me to know who I am and respect who others are. It taught me to listen,” Carroll said. “Shelbyville is becoming a more diverse place and everyone deserves to know they are important and to have their voices heard in planning for the future of the city.”