MBA Mentorship Opens Doors for Boyer Personally and Professionally

| Alumni

Kelly Boyer headshotTrevecca graduate Kelly Boyer made the leap into the MBA program after finishing an undergraduate degree in film in 2018 and then settling into a technical support position. However, the pandemic made her reconsider what she wanted her future to look like. 

“I found my work to be enjoyable for a time, but after experiencing the lockdowns of COVID-19 and the constant stresses of my work, I decided I needed a change in the trajectory of my career. I wanted more out of my life,” Boyer said. 

Her father’s love of finance motivated her to choose the MBA program and the data analytics track lined up with her love of analysis and numbers. Still, beginning a degree in a subject that deviated sharply from her film degree was intimidating at first. 

“In my undergrad, I had a few classes in IT, accounting and marketing, but my knowledge of business as a subject was lacking,” Boyer said. “My biggest struggle wasn't the work itself, but rather learning a whole new field, perspective and way of operating in the span of 20 months.”

Boyer found support in a mentorship with Dr. Tim Rose, who taught the first class she took. Rose made it a point to call each student individually and get to know them better. Based on this and the content of his classes, Boyer decided his further guidance would be worth pursuing. 

“He did not just go over the work of the class but provided strong professional tips as well as the importance of connections and self-confidence,” Boyer said. “He offered resources to each of us who were willing to take them. Given my circumstances, I thought it a no-brainer to seek his counsel.” 

Rose and Boyer began to work together weekly to determine what her trajectory, professionally and personally, should be. They examined her learning style, refined her resume to highlight her strengths and worked on confidence and presentation. All this led to a position in which Boyer could excel as a project manager for the Cloud Technology team at Hexagon. 

“His guidance and confidence in me continued to grow as I continued through the program,” Boyer said. “Along with the support of my friends and family, that helped me push through three and a half months of job searching until I received a job offer. I would not be where I am now without his investment in me.” 

Rose served as the MBA director and assistant professor at Cumberland University before joining Trevecca’s MBA and DBA programs as a professor. He saw Boyer’s potential and her commitment to self-improvement as crucial to her ability to succeed. 

“Kelly is one of the finest MBA scholars that I have had the opportunity to be around,” Rose said. “Recently, her current employer called for a reference and I mentioned that they have no idea of what they are going to get with her.  She is talented beyond measure because she is constantly improving and understanding what she needs to improve. Once she gets it, she delivers beyond any expectations.” 

Rose sees the MBA as a challenge and an investment. But one that will reap dividends with time and effort. 

“The MBA is a professional degree, and it comes with great demands. The rewards will manifest themselves if you totally commit to the academic rigor and learning objectives,” Rose said. 
Mentorship and a practical business degree has been key to Boyer’s success. It has opened the door to a future beyond her expectations. 

“Having a professional mentor who guided me through interviewing, refining resumes and exploring strengths and talents changed how I saw myself forever,” Boyer said. “I can say with confidence that I am living my best life with more peace and freedom than I ever thought possible.”