Master’s in Health Care Administration Sets Snyder up for Success in Executive Position

| Student Life

202201_MKTG_BLOG_Shannon-Snyder_WEB_v02When she decided to pursue a master’s degree at Trevecca, Shannon Snyder was working in surgery at a hospital and knew it was time for a change.  

“I liked my job, but I didn’t want to do that job for another 15 years,” said Snyder. “I have often been in leadership roles and felt led by God to go in that direction instead of just changing jobs.” 

Trevecca’s Master of Science in health care administration has helped Snyder reach a new platform for leadership at the executive management level. Soon after graduating, she accepted a job as regional director of nursing for Essentia Health, where she oversees nurses at two hospitals. 

Snyder’s connection to Trevecca was twofold: she grew up attending a Nazarene church, and was inspired by a friend who completed Trevecca’s master’s program in organizational leadership and loved it. Snyder, who is based in Minnesota, found the online Master of Health Care Administration to be a good fit with her busy life. 

“You can do the work any day or any time, morning or night, whenever you are able to do it,” said Snyder. “That's why it works for me.” 

Snyder has been a nurse for 28 years, working in all areas of health care, and was serving as the manager of surgical services in a rural hospital. Still, the health care administration degree gave her a fresh understanding of the health care system that prepared her for the next stage of her career. 

“The master’s program takes you through the patient experience from beginning to end,” said Snyder. “I felt like the program showed the process as the patient hit the door until they were out of the hospital or procedure and received the bill later at home.” 

The program also helped her become a leader in her field by keeping her up to date with the current priorities in health care, and giving her the freedom to share her beliefs as they applied to her classwork, experience and career. 

“There was a focus on the topics that are hot in health care right now, like accountable care organizations. They are very much on top of the latest trends in health care,” said Snyder. “I also felt free and comfortable to express my Christian views; I loved attending a Christian university.” 

As she approached the end of the program, it was clear to Snyder that there were not substantial leadership opportunities at her current job. She began the search for a new position before graduating. 

“I started applying in July and by November I had received a job offer for a health care entity up here in Minnesota,” said Snyder. “I was able to go up a level into executive leadership.” 

Snyder credits her Trevecca experience with helping her reach a new level in her career, right up to the point of securing her new job. 

“I would recommend this program 100%,” said Snyder. “All the instructors were great to work with and I felt absolutely confident and prepared going into my interviews.”  

Health care administrators are crucial to the efficacy and success of health care organizations, providing leadership and management in hospitals, health care systems, doctor’s offices and beyond. Trevecca’s fully online master’s program in health care administration prepares those in the health care industry to take the next step in their career, becoming leaders in their field and expanding their opportunities for employment and promotion.