Five Reasons a Master’s in Sport & Entertainment Management is Well Worth the Effort

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A master’s in sport and entertainment management can open professional doors and prepare you for a successful career. Here are just a few ways this field of study and Trevecca’s degree program can really help you stand out.

1. There’s a booming market.
Jobs in sport and entertainment management are projected to grow by more than 20 percent in the next seven years. Whether you’re interested in sports, entertainment or hospitality, the prospects are great for excelling in a career that fits your passions and strengths.

2. Nashville is Trevecca’s home base.
In recent years Nashville has been named the top U.S. city for economic growth, the best U.S. sports city and one of the top 10 best cities for job market, quality of life and cost of living. With four professional sports teams and a world-class music scene, Nashville is the perfect environment for becoming immersed in sport and entertainment management.

3. The program is multi-faceted.
Trevecca’s coursework includes instruction in business, organizational leadership, marketing, fan engagement and event and venue management, so you get a comprehensive education that will prepare you to lead and succeed in your area of expertise. You’ll also benefit from the program’s strong partnership with industry professionals, which keeps us (and you) connected and in touch with the needs and requirements of this dynamic field.

4. We take an expansive approach.
The field of sport and entertainment management is increasingly global in its scope. Trevecca’s program features an advisory panel that includes international representatives who can offer a broad perspective. You’ll also take a course in the global and economic environment of sport and entertainment management.

5. Mentors can make all the difference.
As a student in sport and entertainment management, you’ll benefit from our one-of-a-kind mentor program, which includes a variety of high-profile industry professionals committed to helping you achieve your career goals. That means you can form immediate connections with experts in the field. Ranging from professional athletes to industry executives, these mentors bring a breadth of experience and insight that adds special perspective to your course content – and they’re great sources of sage advice.

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