Looking Back to Look Forward

Posted by Don Hastings on Jun 25, 2015 10:52:01 AM

I vividly remember my parents loading me up in the family car and taking me from Belle, W.Va. to Trevecca in Nashville, Tenn. I was excited, scared and frankly, overwhelmed with the idea of being on my own. I remember thinking to myself, I’m not sure I want to stay. I knew about Trevecca from other people who had gone there, but that’s not the same as experiencing it for myself. All fears, concerns and second guesses were put aside when, just a few days later, I was elected President of the Freshman Class; and to tell you the truth, I never looked back.

As I sat last month wearing a cap and gown, representing the Trevecca Alumni Association at Commencement and waiting for my spot on the program to address the graduates, the thought hit me that all of these graduates have their own unique story of how they got to where they were right at that moment. The stories are as varied as the graduates themselves. Not all have come from good places, not all have supportive families and not all have come right out of high school into the experience of Trevecca; and that’s the point. Trevecca is honoring our past while also staying relevant for the present and the future. Our university has top-notch leadership in our president and the faculty and staff. All have one common goal: to make Christ-like disciples equipped to change the world in which they live and work. We can be very proud of our university. Continue to pray and support Trevecca.

Last month the Alumni Board met and made some forward-thinking decisions about how to include representation from all alumni groups who have graduated from Trevecca. We’ll keep you informed of those changes.

From my own freshman experience I now have the privilege of watching two of my grandchildren become freshman at Trevecca this August. I’ve watched them grow to this point in their lives. They have come from nurturing families who have enabled them to allow Christ to be at the center of their lives while allowing them to become distinctively themselves.

Nana and Poppaw’s Great Trevecca Adventure is working!

We live in a very dark world these days. My prayer for each graduate and incoming freshman is that we will live in our world where daily we punch holes in the darkness and let the light of Christ shine through.

May all who come behind us find us faithful!


Don Hastings
Trevecca Alumni Association

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