Inside the Internship: Elite Opportunity Helps Adams Reaffirm ‘Chosen’ Career Field

| Student Life

Written by: Carter Adams

2023-BLOG-PHOTO-Carter-Adams-WEB-v01This summer, I worked as an intern with the film crew on the set of The Chosen. The most enjoyable part was getting a first-hand look into the professional set experience. Working with industry professionals, high-end gear and getting to be a part of all the inner workings of making a television show has really opened my eyes to what I should expect for my future in this industry. It has also boosted my confidence in my decision to pursue a career in film and television.
The Chosen tells the story of Jesus from the perspective of those who knew him and followed him. Working on a show that has so much spiritual impact was a surreal feeling. Not everyone on set was necessarily religious or Christian, but the environment of The Chosen demonstrated a respect for the story that was being told. No one was disrespectful to the beliefs of others, and there were plenty of religious topics that would come up in everyday conversations between cast and crew. 

Off set, it was shocking to see how many people our group of interns would run into around Utah who were fans of The Chosen. After a few weeks we were getting past the “starstruck” mentality and moved into one of “this is our job now, it isn’t that big of a deal.” But once off set, we were constantly reminded of how big a deal the show was to other people. We’d have people come up to us in restaurants or around the university where we were staying and tell us about how much they love the show. It was an unreal experience.

Going into the internship, I was very nervous. But after being on set for the first week, I realized all that the Trevecca film program had done to prepare me. I had learned about a lot of the gear that was being used on set, the lingo being used between cast and crew, set etiquette and so much more.

I am grateful to Trevecca for giving me an opportunity like this. Without the connections that I have made here, I wouldn’t have been given a chance to go out to a set or be part of a production of this magnitude. 

If I’ve taken anything from this experience, it’s been confidence in the career path that I’m choosing. I felt at home on set, and that’s made me love filmmaking that much more. I am more sure than ever that this is what I am called to do.