Diverse Magazine Ranks Trevecca among the Nation’s Top Schools for Minority Doctoral Degrees

| Academics

According to multiple lists published by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, Trevecca is one of the top 10 colleges and universities in the country for the number of doctoral degrees conferred to African American and minority students.

Trevecca ranked 6th in the nation for African Americans receiving doctoral degrees in education (Ed.D.) and 10th in the nation for African Americans receiving doctoral degrees across all disciplines. The University also ranked 8th for the conferral of doctoral degrees for minorities overall.

Trevecca was among the top 100 nationwide for overall degree conferrals to minority students across bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs.

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education is a source of information and commentary on a range of diversity issues in the American higher education system. Over its 38 year history, its mission has been to inform the public with objectivity, thoroughness and insight into how colleges and universities are responding to the necessity of diversity in their classrooms.

The Princeton Review recently rated Trevecca’s Ed.D. as one of the top in the nation and it was included on Fortune Education’s list of most affordable online Ed.D. programs. The Diverse rankings can be viewed here.