Boone Serving Higher Education at National Level in Leadership Role with Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

| Faculty

2024-BLOG-PHOTO-Dan-Boone-Portrait-WEB-v01In addition to being the president of Trevecca, Dr. Dan Boone serves as the chairperson of the board of directors for the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), the association for accredited Christian institutions of higher education.

“It's an association that does advocacy work for the issues of religious freedom and protection of religious rights for religious colleges and universities,” Boone said. “They provide resources for all the different areas from finance to integration of faith and learning to hiring professors and grant writing.”

Boone began serving as a board member a few years ago and went on to become vice chair before beginning a two-year term as the chairman of the board this year. In this position, he works with the CCCU president to assemble the board and lead board meetings. This year, he has other significant tasks as well.

“The unique role I have right now is that I'm board chair in a time when there's a leadership transition of presidents. President Shirley Hoogstra is retiring and we're in the process of selecting the next president, so I'll be deeply engaged in that process. I serve on the executive committee of that board as well.”

Over the years, the CCCU has supported and advocated for Trevecca and colleges like it across the country. The association hosts conferences for new presidents, deans and board chairs as well as events, tackling important issues like racial reconciliation and other topics that are culturally and theologically significant.

“At the last president's conference we hosted, they brought in three artificial intelligence experts to talk with us about the use of AI and the role that Christian universities might play in cultivating ethical use of AI,” Boone said.

Their work in legislation is also crucial to the future.

“They are on the front lines, lobbying on the hill about different bills that have to do with things like Pell Grants, student aid, religious freedom and anything that touches us. They are our voice on Capitol Hill,” Boone said. “At one of our recent meetings, we were able to visit with one of the congressmen who's leading legislation for immigration reform.”

Boone is honored and inspired by the mission of the CCCU and the opportunity to play a role in its advancement. He currently leads a board composed of 17 board members, 11 of whom are college presidents. This has given the long-standing Trevecca president a chance to find support and hope amongst his peers.

“We learn from each other. We’re not competitive, and we all have a really tender heart for schools that might be going through a hard time,” Boone said. “When one of our schools is struggling, you'll find a friendship and a camaraderie of presidents to try to bring practical wisdom around them. It creates a fellowship among the presidents of the Christian colleges here in the United States.”

That camaraderie–and the added perspective Boone gleans from his CCCU role–give Trevecca a leader who is truly attuned to the state of Christian higher education.