2018: Rethinking resolutions



With 2018 just around the corner, you're probably thinking about what the next year has in store for you—the habits you want to form, what you hope to accomplish and the health you want to maintain.

Time markers are important, and ending one year as you walk into the next truly is a meaningful time to reflect on your life and cast a vision for your future. Yet, if you’re like a lot of us, trying to follow through on your New Year’s resolutions feels like an inevitable struggle, if not failure. In fact, according to statisticbrain.com, among the people who make New Year’s resolutions, only 9.2% of them feel successful in achieving what they set out to do.

That’s a discouraging statistic, isn’t it? But, rather than throwing in the towel altogether, how can you take advantage of the fresh start of 2018? What can you do to take steps toward a better, happier life?

1. Invest yourself wisely.

Between the endless diet and exercise fads and all those products your friends are selling on Facebook, knowing what’s really going to enrich your life takes some searching. At Trevecca, we are firm believers in the life change that higher education fosters. Did you know statistics show that more education leads to better pay, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics? When you find ways to become the best version of yourself, doors open up. Choose life changes that are going to benefit you in the long run, rather than quick fixes.

2. Slow down a little.

Simply resolving to implement a number of new and healthy habits at once is likely to overwhelm and frustrate you. Whether it’s eating better, reading more or spending your time differently, changing your lifestyle is hard work. Yes, in a perfect world where the daily demands of life are gone and endless time abounds, you’d achieve those resolutions flawlessly. But, the reality is: life throws a lot at us. Give yourself space to intentionally make gradual change where you can.

3. Capitalize on your strengths.

Perhaps you feel like 2017 was a successful year. Or, maybe you feel like you barely survived. Regardless, we all have our personal victories to claim, no matter how big or small. Reflect on what worked well for you this past year, and keep it going. Whether you grew in your relationship with others and with God, picked up a journaling habit or started volunteering, those are no small feats. Focus on your wins and keep them up in 2018.

Take the next step

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