Trevecca Continues to Add Flexibility, Savings in MBA Options with New 4+1 Plan

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Trevecca Nazarene University has introduced another new pathway to start earning a Master of Business Administration degree, adding a 4+1 program that can help undergraduate students save time and money compared with a traditional MBA.

The 4+1 MBA program gives an undergraduate student a chance to earn six graduate school credits as a senior. This translates to savings of more than $3,000 on the cost of a master’s degree, and gives students the opportunity to complete the MBA program in as little as one calendar year after finishing an undergraduate degree program.

“This is perfect for those high achievers who have a clear picture of what they want to do,” said Dr. Jim Hiatt, dean of Trevecca’s Skinner School of Business.

With the 4+1 plan, admission into the MBA program is based on qualifications related to credit hours and grade point average earned prior to the student’s senior year. Students from any degree program – not just business majors – can participate.

Earlier this fall, Trevecca introduced the Micro MBA, a master’s level business certificate that’s earned completely online in 28 weeks at a discounted rate. The program credit hours are completely transferable, making it easy to transition from the Micro MBA to the full MBA program if graduate students elect to take the next step.

“The flexibility Trevecca has created stands out when you look at a typical university’s offerings,” Hiatt said. “Many MBA programs consist of a prescribed curriculum of 36 hours with very few choices, but we want to provide a way for anyone to expand their educational and professional opportunities by offering multiple, flexible programs.”

Trevecca also offers an accelerated online MBA option, which allows students to complete an MBA in 15 months rather than the traditional 22 months.

The Master of Business Administration degree at Trevecca offers eight specialized tracks, so students can focus specifically on career areas like healthcare, data analytics, human resources or entrepreneurship. More information about Trevecca’s MBA program is available at

Media Contact: Brian Bennett