Bridging the Gap: Funds for ‘Build a Bridge’ Scholarships Provide Crucial Aid

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Many students spend the summer months working long hours to pay for college. In some cases, the gap between their wages and the cost of returning to school is significant.

At Trevecca, a source of relief for this financial hurdle is the Build A Bridge Scholarship. For the past several years, Trevecca alumni and friends have provided a helping hand to the tune of more than $150,000 - allocated specifically to help bridge the gap for students in need.

“It is a bridge that helps a student in a time of crisis or need so that they are able to move from where they are to the continuation of their education and eventually graduation,” said Trevecca President Dan Boone.

For those interested in helping to ensure that financial challenges don't interfere with the college experience for any TNU students this fall, details about the Build A Bridge campaign and an online giving form are available here.