Trevecca Grad Heads to Harvard for Graduate Work in Psychology

| Alumni

Trevecca prepared Megan Richardson for a huge step in furthering her education: attending Harvard.

Richardson, originally from Chicago, came to Trevecca for an education in music business after being impressed with the University’s community-oriented environment. When the pandemic struck, she decided to reevaluate her future plans.

“I wanted to work in the music industry as a songwriter, but by the time I went to do my internship, the pandemic had shut the industry down,” she said. “I had taken a general psychology class and really loved it so I decided to switch my major.”

Richardson loved her classes and the support she received from her professors, and as graduation began to approach she knew going to grad school was the right step for her. Even given how well she had done academically, her acceptance to Harvard came as a shock.

“It was so surreal. When I got the acceptance email I stopped breathing for a bit”

“It was so surreal. When I got the acceptance email I stopped breathing for a bit,” said Richardson. “I was in total shock, part of me thought they made a mistake. But then I got multiple emails from deans and professors at Harvard welcoming me and saying congratulations.”

She will be getting her master’s in human development and hopes to stay at Harvard for her Ph.D. Following the completion of her schooling, Richardson hopes to work in multiple sectors of the psychology field.

“I’d like to do clinical work, meaning I would be working with clients. I am interested in how people operate, their thoughts, past experiences and worldviews and how that all comes together to affect them as a person,” said Richardson. “I would also love to do research, which consists of doing studies and writing articles. I would be working in the field to advance our collective knowledge.”

Her graduation at Trevecca was an opportunity to reflect on how far she has come and look with anticipation to the future.

“I worked very hard to get here so graduating was a celebration of everything that I have accomplished,” said Richardson. “It was a time for me to sit back and celebrate with my friends and family. I am so excited about the future.”