Trevecca Connection Opens Door For Myers to Pursue Career with Preds

| Alumni

Anna Myers headshotAnna Myers began at Trevecca as an elementary education major, and never imagined her career path would take her into community relations with the Nashville Predators. 

“Midway through my sophomore year, I decided I really wanted to change directions and diversify my degree,” Myers said. 

She changed to business administration with a double minor in marketing and education. Myers didn’t have a clear plan for the future, but she was excited to gain knowledge and experience and learn about different industries. 

“We had a guest speaker in my marketing class who was a Trevecca alum and worked for the Nashville Predators. I was really interested in his presentation and the organization,” Myers said. “I had been to a few Preds games and loved the energy and atmosphere. I sent him an email and let him know I was looking for a fall internship. He put me in touch with the coordinator and I started in community relations as an intern.” 

Usually 30 to 40 students participate in the Predators’ internship program, but due to Covid, Myers was one of only 11, making it easier for her to make an impact. She ended up completing a second internship the next semester in event services and quality assurance.

The Predators were in the midst of a hiring freeze, so she finished up her internship with the expectation she would have to search for a job elsewhere after graduation. That all changed with an unexpected phone call.

“I had my car packed to move to New Jersey to work for my uncle, and then three days before graduation, the Predators hiring manager called me and said 'we have a position open in human resources if you want it,’” Myers said. 

She eagerly agreed and started in May 2021, working to onboard employees, navigate benefits and manage the online platform that holds all employee information.

“I loved my department but I knew that human resources was not a forever position for me. I loved the organization but I didn't have a burning passion for HR,” Myers said. 

Four months into her new position, the head of community relations called her with a new opportunity in that department. Even though it meant leaving a job she enjoyed, she accepted. 

As a community relations coordinator, she is one of four employees handling grant cycles, foundation events, community outreach and player initiatives. 

“The transition from HR to community relations has definitely been crazy but I took the plunge and hit the ground running, and it has been so much fun,” Myers said. “The first year was a big learning curve but now I feel more comfortable with my role and responsibilities.”

The business program at Trevecca, in addition to opening the door to the internship, prepared her through supportive professors who made sure her learning was applicable to her position and future. 

“My professors were very accessible. Whenever we had different projects, we were able to discuss how it lined up with coursework or was relevant to my internship,” Myers said. “My professors were always huge supporters of me. They were excited that I was working for a sports franchise and were curious as to the ways in which their coursework connected to the real world.” 

Much of her work is focused on philanthropy and the Nashville Predators Foundation, which gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to organizations across Middle Tennessee. One recent project hit close to home: the Predators donated to a Trevecca high-altitude balloon launch in 2022 to expose young students to earth and atmospheric science.

“Our foundation is primarily focused on youth and families, but we give to organizations that help animals, foster kids and the elderly, just to name a few,” Myers said. “Having such a broad reach and being able to touch so many organizations and lives is the reason I do what I do.”