Five Questions with Sarah Johnson

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5 Qs Sarah Johnson

For Sarah Johnson, Trevecca is home. After beginning her Trevecca career in 1999 as a resident director, Johnson has served the University in a variety of roles ever since. She currently serves as the program director for Trevecca’s Bachelor of Arts in psychology program. As the program director, Johnson oversees the fully online program to make sure students receive excellent education through strong curriculum and rich classroom experiences.

We recently had a chance to ask her a few questions about the psychology program, her desire to help students achieve their educational and professional goals and why she’s passionate about developing courses designed specifically for adult learners.
  1. You previously served Trevecca as a resident director and as an adjunct professor. What drew you back to the University?

    I really never left Trevecca. I had worked as an adjunct instructor for the Bachelor of Arts in management and leadership program in between roles and that is when my love for the adult learner developed. I decided I wanted to pursue full-time teaching. I love Trevecca and what it stands for. I appreciate our supportive community that truly believes in developing our students to be outstanding leaders in our community.

  2. Why are you passionate about your work?

    I am passionate about my work because I love our students, and I love to see them develop and learn. Seeing adult learners choose to come back to college and accomplish something that they may have never thought they would is so rewarding. I love to see them gain confidence in the classroom and become stronger leaders for our community. The students are my passion.

  3. You are the program director of our Bachelor of Arts in psychology program. Why do you think this is a program prospective students should consider?

    A psychology degree is still one of the most sought-out degrees among college students. This program helps students understand human behavior within a number of contexts. Students should consider this program to prepare them for non-clinical careers in business, government agencies, helping professions, human services, marketing research, mental health, ministry and public relations. This program also prepares them to go on to get their master’s degree. Most importantly, Trevecca’s curriculum is built on a Christian worldview and this program prepares them to approach it through that lens.

  4. You’ve worked with traditional undergraduate students as well as nontraditional adult learners. Why do you think it’s important to create curriculum and shape courses specifically for adult learners?

    The adult learner is in a different phase of life than the traditional student. Adults bring a lifetime of diverse experiences to the learning environment. As a program director and faculty member, it is important to recognize and tap into these experiences, not only because of the wealth of knowledge and resources that deepen their learning, but also because experiences are oftentimes tied to identity. Their experiences can serve as building blocks for their overall learning. Our curriculum needs to be practical and centered around problem-solving and immediate applicability.

  5. What’s something you’ve been consuming (book, article, podcast, TV show, etc.) that has challenged or changed you?

    I am currently rereading a book on change by John P. Kotter.  As a person who doesn’t love change, it is inspiring me to embrace it and understand it is needed especially when considering growth and innovation.  



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Completing your bachelor’s degree in psychology can prepare you for a variety of non-clinical positions in business, public relations, helping professions, ministry and more. Trevecca’s Bachelor of Arts in psychology can help you achieve your goals.