Dear freshmen: Advice from a 2017 graduate

Posted by Hannah Pollok on May 8, 2017 2:40:56 PM


As graduation approaches, all graduating seniors can agree that it is hard to believe that these four years have gone by so quickly. Our time at Trevecca is coming to an end, and we would like to pass on some helpful tips and advice to the freshmen and underclassmen that we are leaving behind. Here are five things that members of Trevecca’s Class of 2017 want incoming freshmen to know.

1. Slow Down and Enjoy It

When you start college, it is easy to feel pressured to plan out every detail of your life and think you have to know exactly what’s next. Senior social work major Mallory Yommer encourages you to enjoy the process.

“Slow down and take a breath. I spent way too much time worrying about what I was supposed to do with my life that I missed out on certain opportunities. I wish I would have known how to enjoy the present,” said Yommer.

2. Don’t Give Up

It is important to know that even though things get difficult or overwhelming during your college career, it will all be worth it in the end. Senior journalism major Olivia Kelley said that there were times when she considered taking a break from college, but realized the end goal was worth the hard work.

“There were times when I couldn't see the importance of taking classes like Biblical Faith and Christian Life and Ministry. I wanted to give up. But looking back, those classes were the ones that impacted me the most during my time here. If you choose to go into this experience wanting to gain something from it, then I promise you will,” Kelley said.

3. Meet New People

With all the campus events that SGA has to offer, you’re bound to meet friends. Senior worship arts major Jade Kravat says that it is important to attend events. 

“You’ll never be the only person at an event. I would skip out on fun things if my friends weren’t going, but once I figured out that going to things I enjoyed meant meeting new people that shared my interests, college was way more fun,” Kravat said.

4. Take Care of Yourself

Practicing self-care and recognizing the challenges of college and life as a young adult is important as well. Kelley says that she spent nearly three years being overwhelmed rather than taking care of herself.

“As an underclassmen, I wish I would have known that it was OK to take care of myself…Trevecca has so many resources to help students with emotional health and schoolwork, and I wish I would have taken advantage of them sooner,” said Kelley.

5. Take Every Opportunity

Senior dramatic arts major Matt Stapleton encourages freshmen and underclassmen to try something that scares them. He says that for him that “something” was theatre.

“I had not really done theatre before college. It was the best decision I could have made, because now that is my passion. College is a place to discover what you want to do, and it is OK to not know immediately,” Stapleton said. “Become involved, don't just do your homework and then go hide. It is OK to need time alone, but your experience will be better if you find places to experience this with other people.”

As seniors, we hope to see the underclassmen thrive throughout their Trevecca careers. We believe that this university has equipped us well to go out into the world.

“I feel ready. I’m ecstatic to be transitioning into the next stage of life,” Yommer said.

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