The sea of smiles - from Mike Blankenship

I will never forget that “sea of smiles” when thousands gathered in Trevecca’s Quad for the 2014 Trevecca Commencement on May 3.

As I stood in line with administrators, faculty, trustees, and graduates, waiting for the signal to start the processional for this special day’s events, I noticed that everyone around was smiling.

Suddenly the trumpets sounded the signal that graduation was beginning, and the processional began. Everywhere I looked I saw more smiles—literally a sea of smiles.

When it was time for graduates to accept their diplomas, each one was smiling. This day was their special day, and their smiles reflected their joy.

And the smiles did not end when the ceremony concluded. Graduates were still smiling as they marched from the Quad and were reunited with their families and friends.

The sun was shining brightly, but it was not as bright as the smiles on thousands of faces that day. Behind those smiles were several emotions: Relief. Joy. A sense of accomplishment. Pride in a dream coming true.

Thank you for helping to send to Trevecca these new members of the Alumni Association. Your prayers, your encouragement, and your generous financial gifts helped create that sea of smiles that blessed me on that day.

If you looked for me that day, I was in the sea of smiles.

God Bless You,

Michael B. Blankenship, President
Trevecca Alumni Association