“Four C’s Determine Value”

| Alumni

When I was a student at Nazarene Theological Seminary, I worked in a jewelry store and learned about the “4 C’s,” the standards for determining the value of a precious stone. As an alumnus of Trevecca, I realize that Trevecca also utilized a 4-C standard to bring out the very best in its students.

C #1Christ-centered focus. Christ has been at the center of Trevecca from its founding days—in programs, chapel services, outreach ministries, planning, etc.

C #2—Challenging fields of study. Trevecca has exceptional, dedicated, and demanding faculty, who require students to study in order to graduate. Trevecca grads successfully compete in their fields of study or vocations.

C #3—Community atmosphere. Having the University, Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene, and Trevecca Towers in close proximity gives students exposure to persons of many backgrounds, interests, and ages—and teaches students wonderful life lessons..

C #4—Caring attitude. Trevecca students are taught to care for others, to make a difference in the lives of others.

Trevecca’s 4 C’s have been bringing out the best in its students for 113 years! Please remember Trevecca in your prayers, your financial giving, and your efforts to send students to Trevecca.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Michael B. Blankenship, President
TNU Alumni Association