Trevecca Community Commitment: Care for Your Community

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Masked Students

At Trevecca, community really is at the core of who we are. Community is about more than our location; it’s a feeling of fellowship and connection with those around us. Community doesn’t just happen, though. It has to be nurtured.

So as we delve into the final commitment of our Trevecca Community Commitment, let’s take a look at a few ways you can care for the Trevecca community once you’re back on campus for the Spring 2021 semester.

  1. Be proactive. Building community takes initiative. While COVID-19 may have changed what campus life looks like in this season, you can take concrete steps to nurture community on campus by investing in people. Reach out to classmates who are learning remotely. Eat with someone new in the cafeteria. Talk to the student who just moved in down the hall or in the apartment next door. Check in with the members of your LINK group, whether you’re a freshman or a senior. Building community takes effort—and in the midst of a global pandemic, it never hurts to reach out to someone else and see how he or she is doing. 

  2. Follow the rules. During a global pandemic, a key part of caring for our campus community centers on knowing the health and safety protocols and abiding by them. As you prepare for the start of the spring semester, take some time to read over the Back Home to the Hill Plan again and refresh your memory. 

  3. Serve. Building a bond with others often comes through serving together. Look for places where you can invest in the Trevecca community, from clubs and organizations to praying for others or finding ways to safely encourage residents of the Trevecca Towers. Leadership and service are core values of the University as well as key tools for creating a strong campus community. 

  4. Put others’ needs first. Caring for our community means putting others’ needs first. As we wait for the vaccine to become widely distributed, caring for others may look like wearing a mask, refraining from traveling during the semester and practicing social distancing. It also means working to ensure that others feel comfortable, whether that means reaching out to students who may feel overlooked or less connected. Make an effort to truly treat others the way you’d like to be treated! 

  5. Be a part of the solution. Part of keeping our campus community healthy and virus-free involves keeping our campus clean, so do your part. Cleaning supplies are available in all classrooms as well as on-campus residences and common spaces. Wash your hands frequently, using soap and water (and for at least 20 seconds). Refresh your hand sanitizer supplies. If you live on campus, keep your space clean. Keeping Trevecca healthy means we all do our part to protect each other! 

Make the choice now to build community on campus during the Spring 2021 semester. And take a few minutes to learn more about the Trevecca Community Commitment so you can help keep your friends, classmates and Trevecca faculty/staff members safe and healthy!