Trevecca Students Sing and Act in Movie Musical

| Campus

"It's Christmas Again" posterTrevecca students had the opportunity to participate in a unique cinematic experience when a scene for the movie “It's Christmas Again” was filmed on campus.

As part of the movie, filmmakers held a nationwide singer songwriter competition, the finals of which were filmed in the Jackson Center for Music and Worship Arts on Trevecca’s campus.

Trevecca student Darby Cappillino has a role in the film playing the character named Amanda. Cappillino is pursuing her associate degree in commercial and general music and already has a job in songwriting for Universal Music Publishing. She describes the filming process as hectic but enjoyable.

“We filmed this dance number in January when there was snow and ice everywhere. There are a lot of flips and crazy things going on so it was kind of dangerous but it was also really fun,” Cappillino said. “I met a lot of great friends and this was definitely different from any other role I have done.”

The opportunity to participate in a film is a unique experience on a college campus. Craig Adams, executive director of Trevecca’s Center For Commercial Music, notes that it is a particular benefit of being in Nashville.

“This is just one of many opportunities students have when they study music at Trevecca,” Adams said. “It was a chance to press into the heartbeat of Nashville as an entertainment capital.”

Producer Isaac Alongi describes the production as the story of a teenager who has a life changing experience one Christmas season.

“The main character, Jake, doesn't have the best attitude, but after he hits his head and wakes up in Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’ birth, he experiences a transformation,” Alongi said. “This is a musical with ten original songs that really bring the story to life.”

“It's Christmas Again” can be seen in Regal Cinemas throughout the country on November 29 and will feature Trevecca’s music competition during the credits.