Mistakes to avoid during your last summer before college

Posted by Trevecca on Jun 20, 2017 5:03:34 PM


So New Student Orientation has come and gone.

You’ve gotten a feel for campus, checked out the residence halls, registered for classes and even met a few friends. Now, all that’s left is to count the days until you move into your residence hall, right?

While we’re thrilled that you’re excited about moving to campus, we also want you to enjoy this summer. Here are a few mistakes to avoid between orientation and move-in day.

1. Expecting too much from your “last” summer.

College is a turning point in your life, no doubt. While summers may be a little different after you start your college career—expect internships and summer jobs to play an important role—you don’t have to treat this summer like the end of an era. Enjoy it and make plans to spend time with friends and family members you won’t get to see every day, but don’t spend your entire summer counting down all the “lasts.” Don’t be so focused on how the future will be different that you miss out on the joys of the present.

2. Distancing yourself.

You’re going to move away soon, and you won’t see your hometown friends as much. You may not work the same part-time job, see the same people at church or shop in the same stores. It may seem easier to deal with the coming separation by starting to pull away now. Resist that temptation. You don’t want to leave home with strained relationships or damaged lifelong friendships.

3. Over-purchasing and planning for your room.

It’s fun to dream about making your room in the residence hall cute, cozy or simply the place everyone is going to want to be. But here’s the deal: the rooms are only so big … and you’re sharing it with someone! Make sure to get the essentials—bedding, towels, school supplies, lighting—and a few larger items that will make your space homey and fun. But don’t feel the need to purchase everything on the shelves in the college section of your local Target.

4. Waiting until the last minute.

Over-planning is a problem, but so is procrastination. You’ve got things to purchase and pack and some of those things may take a little time to find. You may also need to schedule some appointments with your doctor, eye doctor, dentist and so forth, since it won’t be as easy to get there during the semester. There may even be some forms or information you need to provide the University before you show up in August. Be responsible and take care of those things in a timely fashion, rather than procrastinating.

5. Wishing your summer away.

We love that you’re excited about moving to campus and starting your college career. But your summer is going to fly by—and we don’t want you to be so focused on the “next big thing” that you miss out on the simple, everyday joys and fun of your life. Have family dinners. Take a road trip. Enjoy your hometown and the people who live there. Life is going to be different soon enough.

Weren't able to attend our June New Student Orientation? Never fear! The final orientation for the 2017-2018 academic year is scheduled for August 23-28.

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