Grads with Plans: Robertson Puts Learning into Practice After Completing Worship and Leadership Degree

| Alumni

Nick Robertson headshotNick Robertson’s Trevecca journey began at an early age. By the time he was old enough to attend college, he was sure that it was the right university for him.

“I went to Goodlettsville Church of the Nazarene and my parents were on staff there so I would come to Trevecca often,” said Robertson. “When it was time to make a decision on where to go, I thought about a few other places but never did apply, for me it was always Trevecca.”

Robertson graduated in 2007 with an undergraduate degree in church music but found himself returning to The Hill after a conversation with Dr. Sam Green, director of the Center for Worship Arts, who invited him to speak into the need for higher level education for those in worship and leadership.

“He said a masters program was being developed and asked how my education prepared me as well as what I wish I would’ve learned,” said Robertson. “It was that kind of meeting to help the faculty as they moved forward developing the program.”

Green approached him again once the Masters of Arts in worship and leadership had begun, at a time when Robertson was already considering pursuing another degree. The prospect of a degree centered on ministry and leadership was something he found very practical as an ordained deacon and longtime worship pastor.

Robertson began the program and was struck by how useful and timely the subject matter was.

“The immediate impact for me was things like managing conflict in the church,” said Robertson. “Developing vision was huge as well, I had already started to do that on my own but the practical application was very helpful for me.”

After completing the program in September of 2021, Robertson got a job as worship pastor at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene in Oklahoma City. He received an unexpected opportunity to engage in an aspect of worship that he first encountered at Trevecca.

“Trevecca prepared me by making available to me the opportunities to conduct an orchestra and I was scared out of my mind,” said Robertson. “I had never read a score before or looked at individual parts for the various instruments. Now I am writing orchestrations and arrangements. I am a few months into this new job and I do that every single week.”

He has also expanded his work in arrangement and orchestration by working as a consultant for Lillenas, the music branch of The Foundry, the Nazarene publishing house.

Looking back, he can see how valuable the program has been to his career and he would advise others who are looking to grow in their leadership abilities in the context of the church to consider it.

“I would tell others to jump in because of the immediate impact of it. I was taking a class and I was able to apply those principles right away in order to lead our worship arts team in a certain direction,” said Robertson. “It allowed me to prepare a $1,000,000 sanctuary renovation project. I was able to plug in the principles of worship and leadership and see a lot of growth in my life and ministry.”

As a student in Trevecca’s Master of Arts in worship and leadership program, you will deepen your understanding of worship and theology while also improving your leadership capabilities. You’ll learn about worship ministry dynamics and relationships; worship in the Old and New Testament; contemporary issues in worship; church and personal leadership and development; organizational culture and change; conflict management; strategies for leading and building teams and more.