Class of 2024 Reflections: Jacob Sieber

| Alumni

Jacob Sieber is a 2024 graduate of Trevecca’s exercise science program.

2024-BLOG-HEADSHOT-Jacob-Sieber-WEB-v01It's a privilege and a blessing to reflect on the impact that the professors and faculty at this university have had on my life. I have been challenged, inspired and equipped by a community that has undoubtedly increased my character through the wisdom and knowledge imparted to me.

I enrolled at Trevecca as a student athlete two weeks before the start of the 2021 fall semester, and was thrust away from everything I knew 2,000 miles from home. I was homesick and culture shocked for half of my entire first semester. But it would have been much worse if it weren’t for the care and kindness I felt from my first interactions with the people here. In a masked-up meeting to plan out my courses for the next year, my advisor’s enthusiasm for my journey was contagious. I couldn’t help but feel like I was in the right place.

Trevecca was the second university I attended, and the high demands of coursework forced me to work harder than I thought possible. Late nights watching anatomy and physiology lectures or sweating through chemistry labs were the norm. That rigor has instilled discipline and perseverance that will serve me for life.

Beyond academic knowledge, this body of faculty modeled character that inspired me even further. They conducted themselves with integrity, embodying the virtues they hope to cultivate in students. I was touched by their commitment to serving me. Their attitudes showed me that true success comes through impacting lives beyond your own.

Upon entering Trevecca, I would have said I was a Christian, without really having much of an idea what that meant. Because of this, it was not easy to wrap my head around this dedication to serving others at first. Over my time here I have come to learn about what following Jesus means, partly through information but mostly through demonstration. The spiritual influence of my instructors has deepened my relationship with the Lord during some of my most challenging seasons, and I'm forever grateful that they invested in my spiritual growth just as much as my intellectual growth.

Mentally, my professors have all impacted me by seeing potential that I didn't even see in myself. On days I felt overwhelmed or insufficient, I was encouraged with affirmation and belief. I have been healthily pushed into discovery of untapped reserves of resilience and grit. Their confidence in my abilities has both empowered and humbled me. I knew I had to rise to meet high expectations.

Beyond kindness and character, I feel I have been personally poured into by the entire faculty. Those in the exercise science department and the athletic staff who have taken the time to learn my story understand my hopes and struggles, and offered mentorship every step of the way. They greatly influenced my growth and development into the person I am today.

To all of you who had a part in this, please know the extraordinary difference you've made. You've imparted knowledge, instilled values and invested in students in ways that will pay dividends for years to come as we capitalize on your stewardship to become impactful leaders in our careers and communities. You have inspired me to unlock my fullest potential in a way that brings glory to God and hope to the world around me. For that invaluable investment in my life, I am forever indebted and deeply thankful.