Johnson Receives Unprecedented Endowment Scholarship for Trevecca’s Non-traditional Management Degree Program

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Jacqueline Johnson PortraitJacqueline Johnson, an adult student in the Bachelor of Arts in management and leadership degree completion program, was recently awarded  the largest scholarship the program has ever given. 

Her journey to Trevecca began in 2020 at a Rutherford County education fair. 

“There were several schools there and I got information from each of them. It was right before the pandemic and the world was in a panic mode, but I went to the fair anyway,” said Johnson. “The recruiter for Trevecca was so nice and we instantly connected. I went home and read all of the schools’ information and I ended up picking Trevecca. I knew that I wanted God in it with me so it was an easy decision.”

Johnson began attending classes in the bachelor’s in management and leadership (BML) program which endeavors to create servant leaders and global citizens while developing in three areas: management, leadership and personal growth. Johnson has excelled, far beyond what she had believed was possible. 

“My first semester I made the Dean’s List, which was huge for me because I hadn’t been back to school in years,” said Johnson. “I had my son and I didn’t feel like it was an option for me as a single parent, but all my professors have been so supportive. They have really helped me walk in my purpose.” 

When it came time for the endowment committee to distribute funds, Johnson submitted an impressive essay detailing her identity, family, current needs and goals for the future. 

“In the essay, I introduced myself and all the roles I play. I’m a single mom, a youth advisor, I work two jobs and I’m a kindergarten room mom,” said Johnson. “I talked about my work and the goals I have in my career as far as helping people and being an influence, a leader and promoting positive change. I also discussed being a single mom with financial uncertainty and having to balance my two jobs and go to school and be successful with everything.” 

Her accomplishments and potential did not go unnoticed, and when the endowment committee met to disperse funds, Johnson’s name was at the top of the list. They gave her all the funds that were available after assessing her qualifications in three categories: academic achievement, social responsibility and need. 

“Jacqueline rose to the top. She excelled academically. She had a financial need and she had a social plan to make an impact for herself and her community,” said Shane Brock, a member of the selection committee. “We’re super proud of her. We had no doubt she’ll be able to take those funds and make an impact.”

Receiving the unprecedented endowment scholarship has confirmed to Johnson that she is heading down the right path, and she’s thankful for the opportunities it will provide for her future. 

“It makes me feel like I’m really walking into my purpose. I believe God is able to bless me abundantly and so I am thankful,” said Johnson. “I am excited about my future, I am grateful for the scholarships that help me financially and there's just a tremendous amount of emotion. I’m so blessed to be the one who got this scholarship, it's going to help me a lot.”

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