Choosing a Degree in an Uncertain World

Posted by Trevecca on Jun 2, 2020 4:33:33 PM


Face the Future with Confidence

These five degrees will prepare you to succeed professionally regardless of the economy’s ups and downs. 

In today’s uncertain environment, navigating the future can feel complicated. Now more than ever, it’s crucial for the time, resources and hard work you invest in earning an advanced degree pay off and provide you with tools for success.

You may be currently wondering which degrees or programs offer the greatest job security. Perhaps you want to invest your gifts, skills and passions in a career path that allows you to make a difference in a world that's experiencing great change. Whatever your goals, here are five in-demand career paths that will also allow you to serve your community. No matter where the economy takes us, these degrees will take you far. 

Educators truly make a difference in the lives of their community, answering a call to impart wisdom, instruction and inspiration to a generation of students. The field offers expansive opportunities to excel in an area that fits your interests and strengths. In addition to working in the classroom, you can also serve in an administrative, coaching or specialty position. 

Trevecca offers 10 advanced degrees and endorsement options in education. You can either earn a full master’s degree and become licensed to teach, or take enough classes to add an endorsement to your current teaching license, qualifying you to work in a specialized role. Consider a Master of Arts in teaching or a variety of other graduate degrees or endorsements in educational leadership, English as a second language (ESL), special education or library science.

Health Care Administration 
In recent months as the U.S. has navigated its most significant health care crisis of the past century, it has become clear that quality health care and the companies that support these initiatives are crucial.

Health care is an expanding field with ample opportunities for professional growth. In Nashville alone, the industry is the city’s largest and fastest-growing employer, with an overall economic benefit of more than $46.7 billion and 270,000 jobs annually, according to the Nashville Health Care Council. 

A Master of Science in health care administration can provide you with the needed training to become a leader in health care or progress into a middle or executive-level position. Trevecca’s program will increase your organizational skills, deepen your understanding of financial data for health care and help you learn about information privacy and security management for health care and patient rights. You’ll also learn how effective use of health care innovation can lead to a sustained advantage within the market. 

There’s never been a more needed time for skilled and compassionate mental health professionals. Even before the pandemic struck, approximately one in five adults were experiencing mental illness in a given year, with anxiety and depression topping the list. Additionally, rates of major depression among teenagers have increased by more than 50 percent throughout the last decade. Compounding this issue is the reality that not enough mental health professionals currently exist to meet these burgeoning needs. Two-thirds of primary care physicians report difficulty referring patients for mental health care, twice the number reported for any other specialty.* 

If you have a passion to help others improve their emotional and psychological well-being, then Trevecca could be a great fit for you. Our graduate program in counseling began more than 25 years ago and maintains long-standing relationships throughout Middle Tennessee’s mental health community. We offer master’s degrees in clinical mental health counseling and in marriage and family counseling/therapy, and a doctoral degree in counselor education and supervision. All programs are accredited by The Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Education Programs (CACREP). Whether you desire to start your own private practice, serve in an agency or counseling center, teach as a counselor educator or lead as a counseling administrator, we can help you reach your goals. 

Instructional Design and Technology
We’ve seen firsthand how COVID-19 brought in-person educational and professional environments to a complete standstill. Almost overnight, students of all ages turned to online instruction in order to continue their schooling. Businesses across multiple industries faced the similar need to bring workers the tools they needed to function as a digital workforce. As we face an unknown future, one thing remains clear—we will need critical thinkers who can create vibrant online learning environments to successfully usher us into the coming days. 

A master’s degree in instructional design and technology will equip you with these skills. Trevecca’s program will teach you to develop remote classroom design and create supplemental, blended or hybrid content deliveries. You’ll learn to effectively use technological tools for remote instruction while utilizing a variety of learning management systems to manage content. From building educational courses to training seminars for the workplace, this degree will allow you to digitally strengthen any organization while also improving employee resiliency. 

Physician Assistant
Even before the coronavirus pandemic, our nation’s growing and aging population has demonstrated a crucial need for medical providers as pivotal members of the workforce. A key player on this team is a physician assistant—someone with a Master of Science in medicine who practices alongside physicians, surgeons and other health care workers.

The United States Department of Labor reports that employment of physician assistants is projected to grow 31 percent by 2028, much faster than the average for many other occupations. As demand for health care services increases, physician assistants will be needed to provide quality care to patients. This profession is positioned to offer a lifetime of career stability.

Continuously accredited since 1976, Trevecca’s physician assistant program offers the top-rated instruction needed to excel on the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE). Throughout the last five years, the average first time PANCE pass-rate for Trevecca students has been 99 percent. Along with benefiting from academic excellence, you’ll also earn your degree in an environment that prioritizes compassion, integrity and a biblical worldview. 

At Trevecca, our goal is to help you to thrive in all seasons. Learn more about earning an advanced degree and get ahead. 


*Statistical data from U.S. News & World Report and the American Psychological Association.

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