Trevecca to Share Students’ Diverse Cultures Through Immersive ‘Taste the Nations’ Event

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The flags of many different countries displayed at Taste the Nations.At Taste the Nations on April 29, the Trevecca community will have an opportunity to experience the incredible diversity of the student body.

“This is a celebration of the many cultures and countries represented at Trevecca,” said Michael Newland, Trevecca’s director of global engagement. “We have students from 38 countries here, and it’s not all that often that their fellow students get to share the food, culture and tradition they bring from around the world.”

The event will include a meal featuring foods from all over the globe as well as visual displays with performances and storytelling. It will also include a procession of the flags of the various countries represented at Trevecca. The night will conclude with students sharing in their native languages.

“At the end of the time, students will read a bible verse in a variety of different languages,” said Newland. “It will be a cool way for us to experience the home languages of a lot of students.”

Ultimately, Newland hopes the Trevecca community will see the event as a chance to become immersed in the rich diversity of the University and become better acquainted with the many cultures that are represented on campus.

“Trevecca’s diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and international students bring valuable experiences, perspectives, and culture from all over the world,” Newland said. “Taste the Nations will be a celebration of our international student community, and will provide an opportunity for everyone at the University to get a glimpse into the various cultures represented at Trevecca.”

Taste the Nations is open to the public and will take place April 29 from 6-9 p.m. at the Trevecca Community Church.