Trevecca in Atlanta: Five Questions with Dr. Shawn Thomas

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Classes are set to start at Trevecca’s Atlanta locations in Duluth and College Park this spring. As this new and exciting part of Trevecca’s journey begins, we sat down with Dr. Shawn Thomas, the regional dean of Georgia, and asked her about her commitment to Trevecca’s Atlanta expansion, her passion for education and her hopes for the future. Here’s what she had to say.

Why Atlanta?

I truly love the city of Atlanta. When I graduated from college in Florida, I knew I wanted to make Atlanta my permanent home. Atlanta is an international city and has something to offer everyone. It is filled with Christians which is why it has been affectionately called “The Bible Belt.” As a Christian and someone who values higher education, I had a desire to work for an organization that shared the same mission and values as me.

How does Trevecca compare to other higher education institutions in Atlanta?

In addition to the 117-year history, regional accreditation, strategic class design, notable graduates, Trevecca is authentic. Our motto is “To be rather than to seem.” We don’t talk the talk; we walk the walk and be like Christ. That’s what’s unique.

Why is working in education important for you?

Education gives us knowledge. Knowledge is power, and education is directly linked to success. I want everyone to have the opportunity to achieve success as they define it. I want to be on the “front line” to assist and be a blessing to anyone looking for an education.

What’s your favorite part of your work?

The favorite part of my professional role is when I minister to and pray with potential students. So many have a desire to obtain a college degree, however from time to time there may be some obstacles that they must overcome. Often times, it’s fear. To see them overcome the fear of returning to school brings me joy. It also gives me joy to work for an organization where I can freely pray with students. It gives me joy that a student can take a business class and participate in devotion and learn about the love of Christ all in one.

As you lead Trevecca’s Atlanta efforts, what excites you about the future? 

I am excited about the future. The idea of seeing thousands of Treveccans matriculate at our two Atlanta locations is awesome. I would love to see more locations in the Metro Atlanta area, in central and south Georgia and nationwide. I am confident that God is with us and will be with us wherever we build.

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