Top 3 ways to stay connected to your university

Posted by Finley Knowles on May 3, 2017 6:13:06 PM


On Saturday, Trevecca’s Class of 2017 will go from students to alumni in a moment. Because we don’t want to say goodbye to you just yet, we asked Finley Knowles (’82), Trevecca’s associate director of alumni and church engagement, to share a few tips on how you can stay connected to your alma mater long after graduation.

Here’s what he had to say.

The Hardy Alumni Center houses the alumni think tank that puts together a menu of services and events for Trevecca alumni. Three areas serve as the focus of our plan to help Trevecca alumni stay engaged with the university.


Trevecca is an institution of learning, and the learning doesn’t stop when you receive your diploma. Your education merely takes on a new maturity as you leave the halls of formal learning. The only way to keep the mind sharp is to use it, and to that end, Trevecca alumni are invited to a variety of learning opportunities including conferences, classroom experiences and hundreds of on-campus happenings via Some of the best speakers and minds converge on university campuses, and our alumni have a standing invitation to partake.


One of the large as life lessons of Christ is that we find our greatest fulfillment and sense of obedience when we serve others. While at Trevecca, students are given more opportunities to serve than physically possible to participate. But once you graduate, that omnipresent chance to serve can be lost. Through the Alumni Association, alumni will be invited to be a part of service projects, event staff, and missional work both at home and abroad. Service only ends when life does. And then we’ll see about that.


Whether through a trek back to campus for Homecoming, an alumni cruise, a fall bus tour, a trip to the Holy Land or road games with Trojan athletics, travel remains one of the great gatherers of people. A huge part of the Trevecca experience is linked directly to the people with whom we made the educational journey. The Alumni Association urges all alumni to never get so busy that you don’t have time to visit often with the folk who made the original Trevecca experience come to life.

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