Juliana Leverages Experience and Education to Promote Salvation Army Partnership

| Alumni

Anthony Juliana headshotWhen Major Anthony Juliana joined the Salvation Army, he was pursuing a call to become a servant, minister and leader. He found his way to Trevecca through a partnership between the University and Evangeline Booth College, the Salvation Army’s college for officer training. He set his sights on an education that would help him reach people in need with comfort, compassion and the skills to head up nonprofit organizations, which he did by earning a bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry.

“I enrolled in the program and it took me a little longer because of the number of appointments that I had with the Salvation Army, but in 2015, I finally graduated with my bachelor's,” Juliana said.

He made the decision to continue his education at Trevecca and earned his master’s in organizational leadership two years later. Until spring 2024, he served as the president of Evangeline Booth. Looking back, he can clearly see how his degree prepared him for leadership in that institution.

“Education did not make me a good Salvation Army officer; your heart is responsible for that. But my education made me a better Salvation Army officer,” Juliana said. “It taught me things like critical and strategic thinking. I lead a team and I am able to listen to them and take their input into consideration effectively. Those were things that I learned in the organizational leadership courses.”

Due to the widely ranging ministries of the Salvation Army, officers wear many hats, and Juliana’s earlier training in Christian ministry has also continued to benefit him as he navigates pastoral leadership in higher education.

“My role as the president of the college is primarily an administrative role. However, pastoral ministry happens with my staff officers who serve alongside me. It happens with my employees and it happens with the cadets in the training program,” Juliana said. “You will find that every Salvation Army officer has to be able to function in both those roles.”

He knew he wanted to go a step further in blending his passion for leadership with ministry, and he approached Trevecca about his options for a doctoral degree. They directed him to Regent University, where he pursued a Ph.D. in strategic ecclesial leadership, graduating in 2023.

Juliana's story goes beyond personal achievement. As president of Evangeline Booth, he prioritized the partnership between the training college and Trevecca, which allows Salvation Army officers to pursue higher education and professional development while continuing their service.

The arrangement has taken on different appearances over the years, but is currently composed of several available workshop seminars for salvationists. Juliana has brought in Trevecca professors such as Dr. Tim Green and Dr. Tim Gaines to teach, in hopes of exposing Salvation Army lieutenants to the mission and theology of Trevecca, which aligns closely with their own.

“We introduce them to Trevecca professors so that when they are considering their  secondary education, they've had some experience with the University and it's a familiar and trustworthy option,” Juliana said.

Juliana sees the shared Wesleyan Holiness foundation of the two denominations as a strength, giving salvationists a fresh understanding of shared tenants of faith and expanding the understanding of mission for both parties.

“When we look at the Church around the world, many are struggling with their understanding of holiness theology and the role of the Wesleyan movement in Christianity today,” Juliana said. “It is mission critical that we are training people with a missiology that understands Wesleyan Holiness and a broader understanding of scripture from a Wesleyan perspective. And that is the importance of partnering with institutions like Trevecca, with which we share doctrinal statements and positions. We're part of one family.”

Juliana is continuing to make an impact as a leader and minister in the Salvation Army. He recently accepted an appointment in divisional leadership for Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. His deepest calling and desire is to see officers prepared for ministry and nonprofit leadership while modeling Christ in everything he does.