Elation-ships - The answer to why you can't find Mr./Mrs. Right

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In psychology, habituation begins with feelings of elation in anticipation of something. When we finally get what we anticipated, that elation dwindles, and eventually collapses. The initial feeling of elation can never be totally recaptured. 

When it comes to relationships, there is often a drive to continue seeking the thrill of the experience without the commitment. The power of wanting a relationship trumps the satisfaction of getting into one.

Do you remember the old cartoon characters Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner?

Each week, the coyote tried to catch the roadrunner, but he always failed. Despite repeated injuries, he never stopped. For Wile E. Coyote, the thrill was in the chase.

Many of us never quite get over the inevitable elation-ship drop-off in relationships. The emotional high we were seeking does not last, regret fills the void and the relationship or marriage suffers and eventually ends. Some people live their entire lives refusing to come to grips with their elation-ships. They live a life filled with attempts to recapture the anticipation of a new relationship, which ultimately leads to a cycle of habituation and regret. 

Even when we are in relationships, the temptation is to seek something that will never materialize because we perpetually desire the next option. The endless desire to capture the anticipated reward sets off new cycles of habituation.  

The allure of anticipating a win is powerful in the human psyche. We must come to grips with the elation-ship tendencies in our lives and realize that our goals for a relationship should go deeper than just constantly fulfilling that next thing we think we need.

What are the elation-ship motives and expectations that keep you empty? What do you need to do to overcome patterns of unfulfilling elation-ship experiences?