The joy of reconnecting - from Mike Blankenship

| Alumni

Recently I was blessed to reconnect with a friend from my Trevecca days.

Years seemed to roll away as we shared joys, sorrows, challenges, friendship, and life. Our reconnecting gave me a mental vacation from the busyness of my life and uplifted my soul.

I realized again that friendships we made at Trevecca do last a lifetime, that God places special people in our lives, and that others sacrificed for us to be able to make those lifelong friendships.

I need to thank those persons who made it possible for me to connect and later reconnect with treasured friends. Thank you to my parents, my home church family, Trevecca alumni, and the staff, administrators, and professors at Trevecca.

All of us have persons whom we need to thank, and we can voice our thanks and support Trevecca with our prayers, our students, and our giving. We might give a young person the opportunity to create his or her own connection-reconnection blessing at Trevecca.

Perhaps you want to reconnect with one of your former Trevecca classmates, and by doing so, you might experience the same blessing I did.

May God be with you in 2014, and may this year be one during which you draw closer to God and to others.


Michael B. Blankenship, President

Trevecca Alumni Association