How long has it been?

| Alumni

As I write this article today, I have been watching the pictures posted by Trevecca of the first week of the fall semester. How long has it been since your first week at Trevecca?

I have seen pictures of the following: folks helping students move into the dorms, parents helping get the room just right, hugs good-bye, students just hanging around the quad, fun games taking place, smiles and laughs, and even the student body singing happy birthday to Dr. Boone. How long has it been since you took part in those kind of community events at Trevecca?

We have seen a vital portion of Trevecca community coming together. I believe it is a beautiful sight to see students settle into the fall semester. I must admit I have found myself wishing I were there with them so I could join in their fun, share their stories, their smiles, and their dreams.

There is another vital portion of the Trevecca community that is planning on coming together at Trevecca on November 8th and 9th. On those days, Trevecca will be hosting Homecoming on the Hill 2013. Exciting events are planned for this year’s Homecoming. But for me, I believe the most exciting will be seeing you and hearing you ask the question, “How long has it been since I have seen you at Trevecca?” or How have you and your family been doing?”

Plan now to come. I am planning on being there.

I am so glad to be a part of the Trevecca family and I am glad you are a part of that same special family.

See you on the Trevecca hill!

Yours in Christ,

Michael B. Blankenship, President
Trevecca Alumni Association