Fun on the Front Porch - Mike Blankenship

| Alumni

A few weeks ago we had a wonderful opportunity to spend time on Trevecca’s "Front Porch” booth at General Assembly.

What a wonderful experience it was to be able to visit with alumni and friends of Trevecca at the booth and the Trevecca Alumni & Friends Luncheon.

I couldn’t help but notice the smiles, the laughs, and the joy expressed when alumni spent time reminiscing with one another.

I also had the opportunity to meet an incoming freshman and her parents who stopped by the booth to experience the Trevecca-family atmosphere. They were overwhelmed with the joy they saw on people’s faces.

What was it that it that drew folks to Trevecca’s “Front Porch”? And what was it that brought smiles to so many faces? I believe the answer is shared experiences.

We who have experienced Trevecca have shared sorrows, tests, joys, friendships, and memories that have stood the test of time. I thank God for those who helped me get through Trevecca. I thank God for those who invested themselves in me through their encouragement, prayers, and friendship.

As Trevecca alumni we now have the chance for those “Front Porch” moments where we can start off the conversation with “Do you remember when…?”

We also have the opportunity to make it possible for an oncoming generation of students to experience the same by continuing to support Trevecca with our prayers and our finances and by encouraging potential students and their families to consider Trevecca.

When we do, we will be extending Trevecca’s “Front Porch” experience, and sharing what has meant so much to us will bless others.

Yours in Christ,

Michael B. Blankenship, President
Trevecca Alumni Association